Loneliness with a Capital L

In our busy, fast-paced society, many live to have fun and party hard, yet loneliness can still pulse in their hearts despite trying to forget how lonely they really are.  One of the biggest issues of single parenthood is loneliness.  Let me share some of my chapter on loneliness for encouragement.

“Loneliness can grip our hearts, making it hard to breathe. It can make us very vulnerable to hold up a while flag of defeat and do whatever it takes to make us less lonely…I had to make some positive choices. The choice wasn’t to run out and find someone to ease the pain or be continually visiting people.  It was learning to be alone and be okay with it.

Life may take you on a journey for many years of being alone, or it may be for only a short time, but don’t become desperate. During this time of loneliness, make it a positive walk in your new shoes. Learn to love you, find out who you are, and be happy when you can do things on your own. It doesn’t have to be a curse.  Instead, turn it into a wonderful blessing.  Remember that today is what is—today.  Don’t panic about next week or a year from now.  Live in the moment, not for the moment. Life is what you make it…as miserable as Scrooge or as happy as Pollyanna.  Well actually, the best balance is somewhere in the middle!

Loneliness can be a springboard to sending you into some positive adventures, which will lead to true healing for you and your kids.

Loneliness is a fact of being a single mom. No special pill or liquid medicine can fill the loneliness void. It is what it is. When we can accept the fact that loneliness is part of our journey, we are well on our way to making positive choices and not ones of desperation.”

Don’t despair because there is hope. Take this time to work on you, learn who you are, and try some new challenges and adventures.  I did and I am so thankful for that time to define who I was.  Take the capital L and turn it into Learn, Laugh, and Love yourself….it will be amazing!



  1. Loneliness doesn’t have to be a curse, it can be a blessing!
  2. It can be a great gift handed to you if you are willing to unpack it.
  3. Take time to Learn, Laugh, and Love yourself.
  4. Understand that Loneliness is a part of being a single parent and embrace it for new adventures.

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Loneliness with a capital L

I sat alone in the evenings, I sat alone at church, and I sat at the movie theater by myself. I felt alone even with a group of friends. Do you ever feel that way?

ID-100184641In the rat race of life and a calendar filled with appointments, we can still feel deep loneliness as a Single Mom.  Behind closed doors, single moms wipe their tears from shear loneliness just as I did.  Loneliness is something every single mom deals with.  It can feel like a big capital letter “L” hanging around our neck laying close to the heart.

Most weeks I was out and about running the kids here and there, working on night school homework, and working full-time.  Life was busy, but it was a lonely journey. Everywhere I looked and went were families at the mall, in the park, and sitting in church. Carrying the burdens of raising kids alone can be lonely and downright exhausting.

Don’t despair, THERE IS HOPE.  As a Christ-follower, we always have His Hope to fill our lonely heart. Jesus is the One who can help in loneliness without seeking out people and places.  I found that in whatever activity I was in, He was the answer to calm my lonely heart. I was still lonely, but there was a peace that settled within my spirit. Jesus listened as I sat in the church pew, walked through the park, or stood in a crowd of people. He was my unseen forever, faithful friend who never left my side.

God wants us to know, through His Scriptures, others were lonely and came through it.


Psalm 25:16, I am lonely and troubled.  Show that you care and have pity on me.

Psalm 94:18, When I felt my feet slipping, you came with your love and kept me steady.

This is a new week filled with appointments, schedules. I can guarantee Jesus will be your peace and fill your lonely heart with a calmness only He can give. He certainly understands because He lived loneliness during His time on earth.  Don’t despair, He will take your capital “L” for loneliness and turn it into His Love within your heart.

Dennis Jernigan wrote the song, You Are My All in All. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlDr6brKrEc

Let these words be an encouragement to you. Jesus will be your Strength and Treasure. He really is our all.

ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX: I see the capital “L” for Love…Jesus’ Love.

  •  As the tears fall in your loneliness, talk to Jesus who understands. HE IS OUR HOPE
  • Next time as you walk in the park, sit in church, or purchase something at the Mall, let Jesus be your all in all.
  • Put to memory, Psalm 25:16, I am lonely and troubled. Show that you care and have pity on me.
  • If you have do not have a personal relationship with Jesus why not check out this link, http://www.billygrahamlibrary.org/PGView.aspx?pid=13