I have always found time spent by the water calms my soul and refreshes the weary spirit. For a number of summers, I found myself dragging blow-up whales, sand pails, and beach balls to the water front.  When we packed up, our skin was wrinkly and we felt waterlogged.  But oh what fun!

We need some moments for summer fun! Because,

  1. We need refreshment. The Psalmist knew a place to be refreshed when he said, He leads me beside the still waters. The day spent at the beach with children can be far from still waters, but with safety rules in place and the time to splash in the water, the time to laugh and scream with the children will have the same effect. Have you carved out some time to spend beside the water?

Moments sitting on the shore line, a canoe ride, visiting the city splash pad, or walking by water could be the refreshment you all need.

  1. We need our thirst quenched by God.

In my heart, I am thirsty for you, the living God. When will I see your face?  Psalm 42:2

So many time pressures and responsibilities can suck us emotionally, physically, and spiritually dry. The time spent in God’s word will never be wasted.  In fact, this can encourage your soul as we read the promises of God.

Here is a link of some of God’s Promises from Bible Study  Reading these can put a spring in our step, and a renewed vision to trust God.  We all need this in our life of pressures and questions.

Maybe write out some of these verses on recipe cards and keep them in your Bible, or in your jammed- packed purse.  We all have to stand in line at the grocery store, at a medical appointment, or in a traffic jam.  Why not take a book of the Bible and read it? Keep a journal book beside it and write out comments and questions to study further or ask a friend about it.  This link above can help you find some answers and studies as well.

Summer flies by so quickly. Seasons come and go, so take this summer to have some fun with your kids.  Get waterlogged with your kids and get drenched in your thirst for God.  You will find doing these two things can help in your journey. It certainly did for me!


  • Find a body of water near you. A city splash pad, a creek in the park, or a beach near you.
  • Plan a special trip with a picnic basket, sand pails, some safety rules and have fun!
  • Take some time for refreshing your soul by reading the Scriptures.
  • Memories some verses, so when you are standing in line, you can be encouraged.
  • Getting waterlogged can be a good thing!

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Wisdom…I certainly need a daily dose each and every day with each and every situation. King Solomon knew we all need it. Start the fireworks…this is the Grand Finale in my little series.

There is so much more to learn from this book.  I hope you will do a study yourself and underline the words, “wisdom, wise, common sense, and good sense” and see what you come up with.

Wisdom isn’t just for someone with a master’s degree or a doctorate.  It is for each and every one of us.  God is wanting to give each of us this gift while journeying through life.  Single Moms, your journey is tough and you may find yourself constantly seeking wisdom as you raise your children, balance your bank account, and deal with those challenging people in your life.

True wisdom is obtainable by asking God.

Let’s recap the words of Proverbs from over the last few weeks.

  • I am Wisdom—Common Sense is my closest friend; I possess knowledge and sound judgement. Proverbs 8:12
  • Wise people have enough sense to find their way, but stupid fools get lost. Proverbs 14:8.
  • I am Wisdom. If you follow me, you will live a long time. Proverbs 9:11
  • You will say the wrong thing if you talk too much—so be sensible and watch what you say. Proverbs 10:19
  • It makes youlook good when you avoid a fight— only fools love to Proverbs 20:3
  • Children with good sense accept correction from their parents, but stubborn children ignore it completely”. Proverbs 13:1
  • Use wisdom and understanding to establish your home: let good sense fill the rooms with priceless treasures. Proverbs 24: 3-4

I think it is pretty awesome that the God of the Universe loves to fill our hearts and our minds with wisdom, if we are willing to trust in Him and ask for His help.  Pouring our life into partnering with God, trusting in His Son, Jesus Christ, and asking the Holy Spirit to dwell in us, will help us put one foot in front of the other through life.

God never said life would be easy, but He did say He would carry us and lead us as each morning breaks.

In my own life experience, God has done just that. I am thankful that Jesus sacrificed His death on the cross so I could have a spiritual relationship with Him.  His wisdom brought me through 12 years as a single mom. It can happen for you too.

Within the walls and structure of your home continue to claim,  Proverbs 24.  “Use wisdom and understanding to establish your home: let good sense fill the rooms with priceless treasures”.

At the end of the day, Wise Solomon put it all in a nutshell,

“Everything you were taught can be put into a few words:

Respect And Obey God! This is what life is all about.” Ecclesiastes 12:13


  • Why not challenge yourself and memorize the above verses.
  • Partner with God and use His wisdom to help you each and every day.
  • Do a study in Proverbs about wisdom.
  • Establish your home with wisdom and understanding.



Nothing makes me feel more exhausted when there is drama or angst in my life. Do you feel the same?  People spread rumours, people get jealous, and basically people are people in a sin-saturated world.

Solomon said that fools love to quarrel. People who carry hurt and distress in their personal life are usually out to prove something.  We don’t have to play their game.

It makes you look good when you avoid a fight— only fools love to quarrel. Proverbs 20:3

How to avoid a fight? Here are some thoughts.


  1. Spend as little time as possible with those people who want nothing other than to fight, argue and get you upset.
  • Unfortunately they may be family members, so you need God’s grace when you have to be with them and take care of what comes squeaking past those ruby lips.
  • Unfortunately, they may be an ex or his family. Communicating through text and email is an option to keep things factual and to the point unless you use all kinds of emoji and other symbols!!! Oops! Separation and divorce bring out more emotions than thought possible because they are matters of the heart.  Some say, “Bring it on” and love to fight.  No one wins with fighting except the legal profession. Being fair is the best game despite the unfair break-up. Being mean and fighting will only make it worse. Solomon was right, it will make you look good and you will feel you did your best without continual arguing and fighting.
  1. Walk away when those who love to quarrel start on their rampage. It’s like the humorous Staples© television commercial when the women yells at her husband who is sitting in their car to…”Start the car, start the car!” Excuse yourself and walk the opposite way. If they continue to badger you,
  2. Ask God for His wisdom in what you say and how you react. Comments such as, “I’ll have to think on that”, or “that is interesting”, or “I would appreciate not talking about that now” can defuse an argument. One person told me to say “just a minute, I want to write that down to think about it”. They may get mad, but you can excuse yourself saying ‘another time’.  It could allow you time to process what they said and how to deal with it. Bottom line, it is God’s wisdom that will help you know when to say something or keep your mouth closed. If you know you will be with people who are like that, bathe that time in prayer.

People will see your reaction when you don’t start a fight or avoid one. It will go a long way in how people view your character. That doesn’t mean anyone has to be a dishrag, but it does mean that quarreling and saying stuff only to regret later will be at a minimum.

At the end of the day, you will be glad that you avoid fights as much as possible and use strategies that will lessen the need for others to find you so they can quarrel.

Hey, Solomon said it….if we want to look good and not look like a fool…don’t quarrel for the sake of quarreling.  Easier said than done, but it can be accomplished.  Wisdom is your friend and will help as each situation comes your way.


  • Begin your day asking for God’s wisdom in your journey
  • When someone starts to quarrel, try and defuse it right away
  • Bathe your time in prayer before you are with argumentative people
  • Live for God’s Truth…YOU WILL LOOK GOOD!





Needing Some Refreshment This Summer?

Wanting to refresh and rejuvenate yourself in the things of God this summer?

HopeTV can help you do this!  With a number of TV programs at your fingertips, you can do just that.

Check it out!  Here is a link to the schedule.

HOPETV is currently available on digital cable in approximately 6 million Canadian homes. Watch nationally on Bell 591, throughout Alberta & BC on Telus Optik 875 or Telus Satellite 591, throughout Manitoba on Shaw/MTS 11 and throughout Ontario and New Brunswick on Rogers 174.

There are numerous scheduled shows to meet everyone’s needs. I personally enjoy an in-depth study of God’s word with Walk in the Word with James MacDonald. I am sure you will find a program that fits your personal needs.

Grab the TV remote, throw off your shoes, sit in your favourite chair with a cup of iced tea and get refreshed! What a perfect time to be encouraged and feed your soul as you listen to those that love Jesus. Listening to the words of Scriptures will help us stand firm when life’s battles come our way.

Let’s “watch” what the summer will hold.

Linda R. McCutcheon

Author of Single Mom Survival Success, Tools and Tips for the Journey

WISDOM FROM THE WISE: Follow the Leader

Remember playing that silly game at recess? It was always fun to be the leader! Truth is, our country, our companies and our homes need good, strong leadership that are led with truth and integrity.

As women,  we are called to lead!

So, we need wisdom each and every day as we lead those that are entrusted to us. Many days our hearts are heavy, we face important decisions and grip tight to our basket-full of responsibilities.

Don’t despair, there is good news! We have a Leader that will guide and help us.  Mr. Wise (aka Solomon) knew that all Truth and all Wisdom comes from God.  If He is your Heavenly Father, you just have to ask.

I am Wisdom. If you follow me, you will live a long time. Proverbs 9:11

Listen to me, my children! Be wise and have enough sense to follow the right path. Proverbs 23:19

Single moms, I remember the days of wondering what direction to take. It usually wasn’t just one issue but a basket-full of them. I have no doubt, you are facing the same thing. As a leader in your home, you are called to lead.  It can seem daunting and you feel a headache coming on because,

  • There are the children (whatever age)
  • There are financial responsibilities (yes never ending)
  • There are ex issues (yes it seems never ending)
  • There are emotional issues and loneliness (it’s a toughie)
  • There are spiritual issues (there will be seasons of dryness but don’t give up)

Wouldn’t it be better to have an email from God explaining exactly what to do?  I would have so appreciated that! I stood facing obstacles and crossroads asking God for wisdom. He hasn’t left us hanging. He gave us pages and pages of wisdom called The Holy Bible. No one can get wisdom by osmosis. It is a determined decision to crack open God’s Word and listen. If you don’t have Scripture at your fingertips you can always go online.

Make it a point to talk to God throughout the day. Chat with Him about your life issues and bring that heavy basket-full of life issues to Him.When one issue gets solved, believe me, another one will fill its place.

As you gain wisdom, you will become stronger and more confident. You will have happiness that only God can deliver to you.

Pay attention, my children! Follow my advice, and you will be happy. Proverbs 8:32

Don’t give up. Keep reading and talking to the One who will guide you into all Truth and Wisdom.  It may take some time, but you can look back and see the Hand of God in your life as you…


“Everything you were taught can be put into a few words:

Respect And Obey God! This is what life is all about.” Ecclesiastes 12:13


  • Memorize Proverbs 9:11
  • Make it a priority to spend some time reading God’s Word and talking with Him
  • Trust God for His wisdom. It is never wrong
  • Ask God for discernment for the right and true steps.

HEY! Check out my new book! See the Header on this blog if you want to purchase a copy. I pray it brings encouragement as someone who has walked in your shoes!

never forget…YOU CAN DO THIS!




WISDOM FROM THE WISE: Through the Grapevine

We all know that gossip can be so destructive. Those words can be found in coffee shops, around kitchen tables, the grocery isle, the kid’s sports field, social media, ad infinitum causing fabrication and trouble.

We also know people in our circle of life who love to gossip. They live for it and believe everything they hear. (And it’s not just women, but men too!)  Gossip can start out very innocently and does not end well.  I know that because I have been on the end of vivacious gossip and sadly, have gossiped as well.

Let’s look at two types of Gossip

  1. Those that gossip about you

Some live to share news whether they know it is true or not. They love an audience and for some, it takes eyes off their own personal lifestyle. Solomon says this,

There’s nothing so delicious as the taste of gossip! It melts in your mouth. Proverbs 18:8

It all seems so appealing. He also says that “dishonest people use gossip to destroy their neighbours; good people are protected by their own good sense.” Proverbs 11:9

While on this earth, people will talk about us behind our back. For single moms, people can place judgement and assumptions that are far from the truth. Nothing good comes from gossip. It hurts and causes damage.

Solomon has quite a bit to say about ‘the grapevine’. Foolish talk will get you into a lot of trouble.  Saying foolish things is like setting a trap to destroy yourself. Proverbs 18: 6-8

We need to stay clear of gossipers and certainly not share anything that is precious.  Kindly bow out and say you would rather not comment at this time.

  1. If we Gossip

I am an outgoing person so I love to connect and have a good chat. Therefore, I have to be cautious and ask God for His wisdom of what comes from my mouth.  I want to be a true blue friend and certainly don’t want to cause grief and hurt others.  I hate when people gossip about me so I desire to extend wise words or simply not join in a conversation that is headed that way.

You will say the wrong thing if you talk too much—so be sensible and watch what you say. Proverbs 10:19

I have tremendous respect for some women in my life that I trust not to spread gossip. We all need girlfriends in our life that can hear us lay it all on the table without fear of it spreading.  Then we can work together to gain perspective, encourage each other, and stay far from gossip.

Gossip is no good!  It causes hard feelings and comes between friends.  Proverbs 16:28

If tempted to say something that might start gossip, pinch the lips together, count to ten, and ask God to help slowly separate the lips. Being wise in using our words show strong character for a living a life of wisdom.

It can be difficult when the ex is spreading gossip and some of your ‘friends’ believe it. It hurts to the core.  If you have been gossiped about, ask God to reveal Truth in His time. You can defend yourself but watch the steps to do it in ways that are God-honouring.

To this day, I have a friend who is being lied about because the other person doesn’t want to see their own personal truth. What a sad way to live! I respect my friend’s willingness to let God open doors of Truth….His Truth. It’s not an easy road but God can take that grapevine and rip it apart so no bad fruit continues.

We all have a choice.  What we say and how we deal with what is said is key. God’s wisdom is the way to deal with life’s grapevine.

As always,

“Everything you were taught can be put into a few words:

Respect And Obey God! This is what life is all about.” Ecclesiastes 12:13


  • Keep clear of gossip, it never ends well
  • Guard your tongue in how you speak
  • Teach your children to speak truth






Wisdom From the Wise: HOW TO FIND YOUR WAY!

Feeling a bit disoriented? Do you feel like you have lost your direction and purposefulness?

For the last few weeks, my blog has been about the gift of God’s wisdom as written in Scripture for our time here on earth. I have found in my own personal life, I have had to re-group and re-focus with keeping on course for a sense of peace and hope.

We can have

1.Good Sense

Wise people have enough sense to find their way, but stupid fools get lost. Proverbs 14:8.

King Solomon said this, not me. Thing is, he is right. Seeking and asking God for good sense will help you find your way.  Allow God to speak to you and take time to pause, pray, and then plan.  Life is always clearer when we use good sense in making wise decisions. There were days I was trying to desperately find my way and didn’t use the 3 P’s of good sense. I rushed ahead.  It meant I had to get back on track and restart going forward.

I certainly understand how hard it is to have all the responsibility as a single mom.  Life sometimes doesn’t give you a break.  Using the three P’s (pause, pray, and plan) will help you to gain good sense.

2.True Honesty

If you do the right thing, honesty will be your guide.  But if you are crooked, you will be trapped by your own dishonesty. Proverbs 11:3

Yep, Solomon said it again. Being trapped by living a crooked life and being dishonest will eventually catch up.  It will come out eventually. Living a life of honesty may be hard, but it is right. There were many times raising my children, I felt alone for standing up for honesty. I knew I was doing what was right in the sight of God and I had to persevere. Doing the right thing and being an honest person for life decisions will leave little room for getting trapped.

You may feel lost with no purpose but don’t give up. If you purpose in your heart to have good sense and live a life of honesty, you will find your way.  God will help and guide you.

Take a few minutes to pencil out some of your troubles and questions about the direction of your life.  Now that you have them written down implement the three P’s:  PAUSE, PRAY, AND PLAN…. Then watch the adventure happen!

“Everything you were taught can be put into a few words:

Respect And Obey God! This is what life is all about.” Ecclesiastes 12:13


  • Believe in yourself to live a life of good sense
  • Believe in yourself to live a life of honesty
  • Believe you have purpose and direction to find your way
  • Now that you do, what steps can you take?