cropped-linda1.jpgWelcome to my Blog! I am so glad you stopped by. My desire is to encourage you in this new journey. I called this blog Single Mom Survival Success because I know without a shadow of a doubt, you are going to make it , not only survive, but have great success. I want to encourage you along the way.
I understand. I walked it for 12 years raising my two daughters. I picture myself on a railroad track trying to keep balance while juggling so many roles as a mother, employer, friend, child of God, and a poor attempt at a handyman looking after the home.
Some days were easier to balance life and I rejoiced in even small victories. Other days, I was wobbling along just trying to hold on and keep my balance. One thing for sure, I knew of God’s tight grip on my hand as I kept moving ahead. My determination, through all of this, was that whatever type of day it was, I knew to keep moving ahead.
Before me was a new pair of shoes to slip on, tighten up the laces, and move ahead with life experiences to get the shoes worn in. I truly believe YOU CAN DO THIS! This is what my blog, Single Mom Success, is all about. Let me walk beside you and do the happy dance when adventures happen.
I will send out a weekly blog for tips and tools for you to open up your Survival Tool Box as a single mom.
Because of my passion to help women to be all they can be, I write articles and devotionals for PowerToChange.com, write articles for other devotional books, and am currently writing a book for Single Moms. I spend time mentoring women, and am available for speaking.
Feel free to pass this blog on to someone else as well. Visit my Facebook page at Linda R McCutcheon Single Mom Survival Kit
We all need help along the way!

Bless you today, Lindacropped-linda-blog-image1.jpg

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