Lessons from Our Sheep and Lambs: #2

I’ve seen it first hand!

Just as the Bible verse says, My sheep know my voice, and I know them. They follow me. John 10:27

My husband is a shepherd.  His dad bought him his first sheep when he was about 12 years old.  He was hooked.

He loves taking good care of the flock. He takes courses, talks to experts, sheers our sheep, and makes sure they have the best possible life. I’ve only been on the scene since I married him 12 years ago and never stop learning something new.

When Bill calls the sheep, they really do know His voice.  It could be to give them grain or move them to a nice pasture.  The sheep depend on him.

We’ve just had our first session of lambing for this year.  I’m amazed that the little newborn lambs know their momma’s voice above all the sounds of other lambs and ewes blatting. The ewes know when their babies are calling them.  I find it so amazing to watch.

For sheep and lambs, listening is paramount.  For humans, it is the same.  I feel it is a lost ‘art’. Many times, we like to do things ourselves and am not interested in anyone telling us what to do. 

I’m not against doing things on our own or being empowered to grow.  However, with a lot of years under my belt, I have found:

  1. We need to be willing to listen to what others say and listen with respect and kindness. Then we have a choice to process on our own.  Not everyone’s advice is good. Its amazing all the ‘expert’ advice I got when I became a single parent.  I was able to walk away, roll my eyes, and say…next!! However, I am gained much from wise people too.
  2. The most important of all life’s plans and decisions is to listen to the Good Shepherd’s voice. He will never misguide or misdirect. His Scriptures are true and will lead us in the paths of righteousness.

Life is like standing in our barn with the deafening sounds of hundreds of lambs and sheep. In all the loud outside noises of life, it is learning to hear the voice of the Good Shepherd to make everyday decisions that will lead to true peace.

Come save us and bless us. Be our shepherd and always carry us in your arms.  Psalm 28:9

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