My heart is heavy just as David prayed,

But I trust you, Lord, and I claim you as my God.
My life is in your hands.
Save me from enemies who hunt me down.
Smile on me, your servant.
Have pity and rescue me.  Psalm 31: 14-16 (CEV)

Our world has been in an upheaval since the beginning of time.  Evil has continued to knock at our world, at our nations, at our cities, and even our own homes. It brings tears to my eyes.

As I wake up each day and live out who I am, I seek God’s Word like those before me who have lived it out for thousands of years.

My heart’s desire:

  • Let’s STAND together in unity
  • Let’s SEEK righteousness


  • Let’s ask God to SAVE us
  • Let’s ask God to SMILE on us.

My heart’s desire is that we STAND together.  As in the past and now the present, we have differences, many opinions, and so many voices.  People are attacking each other, splitting up relationships, making false news, and enjoying the deviousness in our world.  We don’t have to agree with everything but we don’t have to be mean either. It takes a conscious effort on my part to understand I have a right to my opinion but also to respect and be kind to those that differ.

My heart’s desire is to SEEK righteousness.  The one who is ALL-RIGHTEOUS is God. It is there that I go to my guide book and search the Scriptures. With that, I can then make wise life actions. 

Over the years, I have tried to manipulate my decisions saying they are God’s and it was the farthest from the truth.  I watch people justify their personal decisions and actions claiming it is God’s and it sadly it is not even close to what Scriptures says.  That is super scary.  Each decision I need is to have a posture of what is Truth. If not, then it is a slippery slope.

My hearts desire is to ask God to SAVE us.  We need to be:

  1. Saved from ourselves. We are human and I have personally made some stupid and unwise decisions without God.  That is why I have to keep going back to God’s Word and letting Him help me with words and actions. I can’t do on my own even though I think many times I can.  Save us God from our own human frailty.
  2. Save us from outside forces.  I need to be in a mindset every day as I listen and watch what is going on in our world. I need to be in a posture of seeking God’s words and how I react.  What part can I play for justice and peace?  What does my life say as a representative as a Christ-follower?

My heart’s desire is to ask God to SMILE on us.

More than ever right now we need God to SMILE on us, have pity and rescue us.  (vs 16) Actions of Hate and My Rights are fighting forces every day.  I pray we will sit back, ask God to work in our own hearts, minds, and actions to do His Righteousness and smile on us.

We may stand alone for a while but God is always beside us helping us as we claim Him as our God and seek His righteousness. 

God Heal our Land!

Be blessed as you listen to this song and may your heart be encouraged. We certainly need it.

Scripture app:  https://www.bible.com/


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