November Truths

The colourful splashes of October have fallen to the grown in my yard and the warm breezy days are now cooler.  My trees are looking bare letting me know that a new season will soon be here. (My laptop had a hard drive problem, so I am sorry this is a bit late.)

November reminds me sometimes of my spiritual state. Just as the leaves have fallen off the trees, so has my sense of faith and trust in the living God.  Maybe you don’t struggle like this, but I believe alot of us do.

Some feel guilty because ‘religious’ people have told them they should never doubt or question God.  That leaves a lot of Christ-followers feeling pretty defeated. I would like to introduce them to King David, Elijah, Job, or one of the 12 disciples nicknamed Doubting Thomas.

  1. We are Human

God never expects us to be perfect here on planet earth.  He just asks us to live out what Scripture says and live by faith however small that may be right now.

What God does want from us is to be perfectly honest with Him.  For me, I talk with Him throughout the day and even in the night hours.  I cry, blow my nose, sometimes ask Him why, but always ask for help. 

2. We will have times of dryness

Just as there are seasons, we will have seasons of dryness in our own spiritual life. Let’s call it my made-up words, ‘dead-leaf syndrome’. It is a part of our life just as drab as the month of November can be. 

Sometimes, I look at other people who seem to get ahead, have prayers answered, and look like they live life without struggle (or so it seems). Some look like the tree in this picture that still have the leaves on yet others are just as I feel like the empty trees. 

I have been given a path and it is my choice how I will handle it.  Nothing is gained from comparison.  This is between God and me.

If I had a mathematical solution or a button to push to get rid of the dead-leaf syndrome and  the many struggles in life, I would use it and send you the link.

There will be people who will judge and say things that aren’t even Biblical. That is why I choose to have trusted, close friends who will encourage me and help me journey through life.  The words of Scripture are like a balm to my soul. 

What can we do?  Don’t give up.  We are human and we question most things in life.  So we have to deal with this season in our life. I have found over the years, that some have turned and walked away from God and blame Him for life’s problems. I feel so sad.  I would encourage everyone (that includes me) to recognize it and keep moving forward to God.  Ask God to show you what is going on, what you can do about it, and then begin with a mustard seed of faith.

November can also be a positive month to work through some life lessons and truths.  Life still hurts, we still have questions, but the God of King David, Elijah, Job, and Doubting Thomas is still here waiting to hear us with His loving heart.

Today is a new day.  Some may have some pretty heavy stuff going on.  I get it, I really do.  Don’t give up, keep reaching out to God and let Him hear your heart.

Sheila Walsh wrote a book called, It’s Okay not to be Okay. She has walked this journey. You can find it in my “Linda’s Library”  tab on this blog if you are interested in reading a review.


Don’t be afraid. I am with you. Don’t tremble with fear. I am your God.
I will make you strong, as I protect you with my arm and give you victories.
Isaiah 41:10

Let’s do this!

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