The Butterfly and Me

I was sitting on our deck a couple of days ago and saw this butterfly just hanging outside its cocoon but still attached.  The next day I checked in on it and it was gone.

It brought back memories when I first became a single mom.  Days were so tough and my emotions were like a plate of spaghetti!

The example of the life stages of butterflies helped me process my life.  It is told if you try and help a butterfly out of their cocoon it will die.  It needs to struggle and fight and work itself out to become a strong and healthy butterfly.  When it has struggled and freed itself, their wings are then fully developed so it can take off and fly to what the world has to offer them.

It was the same for me, and it can be for you.  The Reality to become strong and capable for what the world hands us means we need to struggle and wrestle to become that person.

Positives can come from hardships if we so choose to understand that.  Who I was back then and who I am today is the difference between a cocoon and a butterfly.

I hated the struggle. It was tiring, exhausting and just plain hard.  As I started to heal and process life in a healthy non co-dependent lifestyle, my wings slowly start to flap and I was able to fly!   I had to land and re-group, work through issues again while facing new ones, but I knew I could fly.

I began to collect butterfly trinkets, sang R. Kelly’s song, “I believe I can fly” and kept flapping my wings.  It was time to leave the confines of the cocoon and leave the old life behind. Flying to new adventures was the healthier way.

How about you?  Where are you in the stage of the life of a butterfly?  The stronger you become, you will be able to fly higher and longer with more confidence.  Be assured you will need to land and re-group realizing you can’t be on a high all the time.  Just take one flight at a time. Don’t be hard on yourself, just keep flapping!

I have great respect for butterflies.  They struggle and work hard and  we get to  enjoy them as they fly by knowing they have fought to where they have become today.

I hope to see you flying around! 😊

Check this out:

Talk soon!

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