Alone and an Advoctor

Are you standing alone?  Do you feel you are fighting the battles of life all by yourself? I hear you.  Single parenting can be a very weary journey.  It’s not only the fact to provide all the physical, spiritual and emotional support for your kids, it is also standing in the gap to advocate issues for all of you.

Is someone harassing you at work?  Some people can just be plain miserable.  Does trying to work with your Ex feel like an uphill battle?  You say white, the Ex says black. Are you helping your child work through some bullying issues?

Whether you want to or not, you need to put on your advocator hat. Because,

  1. You need to fight for your kids
  2. You need to fight for yourself
  3. You need to let God fight for all of you

1.You need to fight for your kids

As parents that is the one thing we are called to do. To protect, to raise, and be the best example for them. Many times, I had to stand firm and make sure that my girls had some choice and say for their own health and well-being.  Kids at school can be so cruel and bullying is a very real part of children’s lives.  Adults can demand as well and feel they deserve what they want and kids have to follow no matter what.   I had to advocate for my kids and make sure they were ok.  Some didn’t understand but that’s ok.  I did what I felt I needed to do.

Despite me trying to be on top of things and knowing what was going on in my kids lives, about 20 years  later I almost drop to my knees in shock when I find out things that happened. Other kids can be so cruel.  So, may I encourage you to keep asking and checking in on how things are going.  Guaranteed there will be things you won’t know until years later, but keep asking. Just do your best….and let them know you are a safe person to share things with. We just have to do our utmost best and pray protection.

Children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord. Psalm 127:3 (CEV)

2.  You need to fight for yourself

What I mean about fighting for yourself is that there are people out there, and possibly an ex, that will try and make your life miserable. Having a healthy game plan and understanding your worth will give you strength to do this. Having boundaries, and a couple of wise friends to stand with you is a great battle plan.

If someone is in your face or telling you to do something you feel uncomfortable with, or you can’t afford something or don’t have time to do, I found a great solution was to say that I would think about it and will make a decision later.  It helped me stand back and not feel pressure to make the decision.  They may not like it but it is your life and your decision for you and your family.

Remember you are a person of worth in God’s eyes and being treated with respect and dignity is so important. 

To me, you are very dear, and I love you. That’s why I gave up nations and people to rescue you. Isaiah 43:4 (CEV)

3.You need to let God fight for all of you

Who better than the God of the Universe to stand with you and advocate on your behalf?  Pretty awesome. 

When I felt desperately alone and I faced issues regarding the kids and myself it was a lonely place.  That was the time, I prayed and claimed this verse over and over again.

You won’t even have to fight. Just take your positions and watch the Lord rescue you from your enemy. Don’t be afraid. Just do as you’re told. And as you march out tomorrow, the Lord will be there with you. 2 Chronicles 20:17 (CEV)

You don’t need an advocator’s degree.  You just need to know that you can make wise and healthy decisions for you and your kids. That is a good choice to move forward.  Remember that God will advocate for you and He will help you with decision making.  Just ask.  Stand firm…You are worth it.


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