Alone but Not Forgotten

You are important and not forgotten!

While living life as a single mom, there were days when it felt heavy piled with uncertainty.  Now with Covid-19 still looming, it has certainly caused more isolation and lonelier days.  For you, single parents, I give you a high five and a huge gold star!  It’s okay to feel discouraged and weary.  It’s okay to blow your nose and wipe away your tears. 

Did you know that God collects your tears?

You have kept record of my days of wandering. You have stored my tears in your bottle and counted each of them.  Psalm 56:8

We all need to be reminded of the wonderful promise that while there are feelings of being alone the truth is, we are NOT forgotten by God. 

From one person God made all nations who live on earth, and he decided when and where every nation would be. Acts 17:26

We are on this planet for a reason. We will have troubles, we will have pain, and we will have triumphant times.  It’s called life!  I am not liking the pain or the trouble.  I’d rather have triumphant victories any day. 

I know single parents feel physically alone sometimes.  I wasn’t asked to join in activities like I used to, I had to make important decisions alone, and my heart felt the aloneness that only those that live it can understand.

God’s promise is that He will never leave us alone.  He promised it to those living in Old and New Testament times and He still does today. 

…The Lord has promised that He will not leave us or desert us.  Hebrews 13:5

Do you feel that God has abandoned you or doesn’t care.? I have felt that way too.  It’s okay to feel that way, because God still keeps His promise despite how we feel. Maybe you feel that way right now.  Don’t give up. Keep reaching out and up to God. Keep talking to Him. 

When you are hurt by those that are not including you and don’t understand the life issues you are facing (that is a given), why not grab yourself a coffee and go for a walk with God.  He is waiting to listen, collect your tears, and reassure you He isn’t going anywhere. 

There had been times, in utter alone-ness, I received a phone call, or a knock at the door.  God brings positive situations into our lives to let us know that we may be alone, but He has NOT forgotten us or ever will.

Why not buy a decorative bottle at the dollar store or thrift store and keep on your counter to remind you that God is collecting your tears and will not desert you?

With God as your focus it will help in positive decisions and not out of desperation. I am not saying it is easy as 1-2-3 but being alone can be a positive thing as you work on a relationship with God first and foremost.  He really does have your back.

As Easter approaches, we can be assured that God has not left us alone or forgotten us.  He provided a way for us to have victory here on earth and forever. 

Thank you, Jesus for your life-giving love sacrifice.

You may feel alone, but you are NOT forgotten.

Next time:  Alone Yet Able

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