I was reminded today about seeking a vision for the coming months. I have my projects numbered and my non-fiction books lined up on the shelf.  The challenge for me was to re-exam God’s vision for me. He knows me perfectly.

Some of you are single parents and getting through one week at a time is claiming the mountain.  I remember those days and bless you for climbing it each week.

Some of you are struggling with financial pressures. It has been a hard year and still is.  Employment may be sporadic at best or you have to cramp yourself into your bedroom to work from home while the kids are fighting outside the door. Car repairs and rental obligations are still hounding.

Some of you are very lonely. COVID-19 has made this an especially difficult season and depression is a battle. We are struggling with the fear of this pandemic leading to a heavy heart.  Physical touch seems few and far between.

Some of you are struggling with God and how living this life has been placed in your lap.  Yes, life is unfair.  I know that first hand. Life is also fragile. One week goes into another and you stare out the window wondering where He is.

How can we find vision in 2021…God’s vision… in this crazy world? 

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Let’s do this together!

First: Ask God.  He wants to share it with you.

Second: Begin to look around for opportunities and situations. Have you thought of doing something new or a passion and burden that is on your heart?  

Would you be willing to ask God to reveal and open some doors?  Don’t worry if something doesn’t work out, try something different. Life is also an exciting journey.  Sometimes we think it has to be something big or grand.  Not at all.  Doing what God and you have worked at together is the best. 

The other day I saw someone knitting mittens for an organization. Other’s offer meals to those in need and then drop it off at their doorstep. I see a lady and her husband grocery shopping for seniors every week. Some give their time to help with yard work.  Some have a passion for helping those who are struggling financially…wow…that was a gift for me when I was raising my girls.  What about a phone call to a person who is lonely or needs some encouragement?  What about starting a book you always wanted to write? How about looking into a class that may help you in a job or something to start your own business.  I know of someone taking an online sign language course and she loves it. The list is endless and God made you very exclusive with unique talents and gifts.  He will help you see your vision.

Third: Put a plan into action. Don’t feel pressure if it takes a few months or years to get there. If you don’t know how to start, perhaps chat with someone that can help you see outside the box.  It may mean stepping outside your comfort zone but it might just surprise you.

I wrote a book for single parents because I was one.  I encourage and mentor women because I want them to be all they can be and to be vision-filled as well.  Those were some things I was passionate about and God kept nudging me to do.  For me, what will vision 2021 look like?  Not sure, but I am going to move ahead.  How about you?

I am rooting for you!  Onward to 2021 Dear Ones!

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