This Thankful Thing

We just celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving reminding us of the many things we can be thankful for. For most of us, we are living in a free country, we have a roof over our heads, we have 2.5 children (never could quite understand that), and maybe even a pet fish. We were able to put some gas in the car, and food on the table.  Not so for many in our world.

How often are we thankful in an upside-down type of way.

Covid-19 has changed some of this in drastic ways.  It is hard to be thankful when our loved ones have had the virus and passed away. I am truly sorry.  We can’t see our family like we want, and we wonder what the next few months will bring. Small businesses are in big trouble, and just running to the grocery store means a mask (please wear one) and a line up.  Sometimes the shelves are pretty sparse.  Travel plans are on hold, and we need to make appointments with our financial institutions to tweet our money needs.  Even without the covid-19 pandemic, there are many who struggle financially, are working through a broken relationship, have heartbreak regarding their children, and job loss.  This thankfulness thing isn’t easy.

I think my attitude has been like a couple of things I found around the house lately.  I didn’t even realize how they got moved this way but I think it speaks loud and clear. Thankfulness can be in an upside-down way of thinking this season.

It is hard to understand when God’s word says:  

Whatever happens, keep thanking God because of Jesus Christ. This is what God wants you to do. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

I am far from perfect and I would actually rather skip this verse some days.  Just being honest here. 

This verse is from God’s perspective and can right this thankfulness thing because of Jesus’ all-time sacrifice of His death so we could have eternal life.  Pretty amazing!  With that promise, then when we have things in our life that are painful or tough to live through, we can be thankful for what Jesus Christ as done.  Eternal perspective can make us thankful.

Our world is in an upside-down state right now.  It is easy to have an upside-down thankfulness attitude.  For me, as a Christ-follower, I am trying to focus on what God has given me…a priceless eternal gift…and in turn I can work on my thankful attitude.  Will you join me?

May you have a thankful day.


  1. Name 3 things you can be thankful for?
  2. Begin a thankful journal.
  3. Research how you can pass on your thankfulness to those around you in a safe way this season.


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