September with a Backpack of Decisions

Autumn has suddenly reached us as we flip our calendars to the month of September.  We have had so many changes these last few months.  It leaves us trying to figure out what is truth, what is needed to keep our family’s health safe, and what activities we can do safely but still make positive memories.

As I enter stores, I see little kids with face masks.  It seems they can adjust better than us adults.  I fight with trying to keep my glasses from foggy up, making sure my mask is with me as I enter stores, and rejoice when I can take it off.  We are learning what respect is for other people and for our own self-care.  Each week we are learning more and more about this Covid-19 virus.

Now school is upon us with Pre-school, K-8, high school, and college.

I truly sympathize as parents have had to make decisions about what to do with their children and school attendance.  Being a single mom for years, I would have wrestled with what to do and I do empathize with all of you.  We all have different life situations, so I feel we need not be judgmental and respect what others choose to do.  We are only responsible for our choices.

What I found, as my children went back to school, was the important of structure and schedules whether home schooled or in the actual classroom.  Kids don’t know it but they need boundaries and schedules balanced with some flexibility.  My counselor, years ago, told me this and I tried to follow it.  It was a game changer for everyone.

We can be encouragers to those whose kids are back it whether studying at home or in the classroom.  Pray for their protection, for their emotional well-being, and for the parents. These are stressful days, and we need to BE KIND.

Don’t stay far away, Lord, my strength comes from you, so hurry and help. Psalm 22:19 (CEV)

Don’t forget to make some Autumn fun mixed with homework. That fills the backpack full of memories! 😊


  • Pray for kids during this time
  • Help your children get back into routine
  • You, yourself, need the time to re-adjust too
  • Respect the decisions of those around you regarding school
  • Pray for the teachers, whether that is your new role and hat you are wearing or for the ones in the classroom
  • Pray for a vaccine
  • Respect others, and please wear a mask!




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