I met Zanne on social media after reading one of her devotionals and reaching out to her.  It has been wonderful getting to know her.  I asked her if she would be willing to share on my blog.  Truly, Zanne, thank you.♥


Do you still have dreams? Or did you hit too many roadblocks on that last trip to dreamsville? To dream is natural and even healthy. As kids we wanted to be Olympians, superheroes, or princesses, but as the years yawned, we discovered capturing a dream is not so easy. Life gets in the way. Lost jobs, new expenses, failed marriages, unplanned pregnancies, illness or even death. For others it’s fear or low self-esteem. But these detours aren’t the death of a dream—it’s the failure to reroute.

Pretend for a moment, you’re on the way to an exciting event and you miss your turn. Would you give up and go home? Not likely. As your GPS repeated, recalculating, you’d reroute, and put on the gas. Same with dreams. Whatever your goals are—to perform in the arts, to be a medical professional, a business owner, or to make surfboards on the beach—it’s important to you! Giving up could lead to a sense of emptiness or even depression. Instead, try something new.

If your ambitions aren’t in immediate sight, engage them in new ways. Learn as much about your passion as you possibly can. Take online classes, read related books, watch associated biographies, find like-minded friends. Use the resources you have now, and while you wait for life to afford new opportunities, have fun doing what you love most. In other words, just because you can’t go to a dance academy, doesn’t mean you can’t dance!

Personally, I had two dreams. The first was to dance. An injury eliminated that one, so I turned to my second dream—to write a book. But the stars in my eyes soon faded when I discovered a writer can work for ten years, without pay, and still not be published—a luxury I couldn’t afford. So, I took another road. At age 38, when my children were older, I went back to school, obtained my Masters, and became a Christian Clinical Counselor. At this point, you’re probably thinking—Wait a minute, that wasn’t one of your dreams! But I didn’t give up my dream, it was just put on hold.

While I waited for life’s GPS to recalculate, I stayed busy. Instead of chasing my own dreams, I helped others’ find theirs. Meanwhile I wrote. I wrote therapeutic articles, devotionals for my friends, and short stories for my children. No one seemed to care if my work was published or not, and I had fun doing it!

The point is, instead of lamenting the loss of your dream, practice living it now. Live in the day you’re in and look forward to what tomorrow may bring. For example, that photography or video project you’re working on today, could go viral, and become tomorrow’s opportunity. The medical chatlines you’re enjoying now, could provide later tips for a medical grant. Those crafts you’ve listed on Pinterest could lead to a major business. And the dancing you’re doing, between dishes and laundry, might inspire your child or grandchild to perform in the Nutcracker Sweet Ballet. Remapping and rerouting plans, even if it means taking the long way home, can work!  I know it did for me.

Years later, as I continued to counsel, I finally finished my first novel—a psychological thriller. To my astonishment it’s been published and recently released. I’m now a full-time writer, but I know without a doubt, my years as a counselor made me both a better writer and a better person. I don’t regret a moment!

Now, it’s your turn to convert dreams into action! And on that next trip to dreamsville, you might consider one more thing—a reliable GPS system. I personally recommend the GOD model, a heaven-based navigational system specializing in divine reroutes, celestial rest-stops, and timely U-Turns. With our Heavenly Father at the wheel, not only will the best parts of the road-trip be the stops along the way, but the final destination will be absolutely dreamy.

Zanne Marie Dyer resides in Daytona Beach with her husband and three young adult children. With a background in family counseling, anger management, and individual psychopathy, she became increasingly interested in the psychology of the criminal mind. Her dream to write has resulted in the new mystery murder novel, Dark Motives. She is now working on a sequel, focusing once more on the detective, Jet Wholeman, and his unique style of tracking down homicidal killers.

Zanne currently has a staff position with Word Weavers International, and also provides pro bono counseling services at her local church. Her hobbies include reading the classics, water activities, painting, and spending time with her children and their families.

INFO at:  https://Linktr.ee/ZanneMarieDyer

Check out one of her fulfilled dreams in print!  You can find my take on the book in ‘Linda’s Library’ on this blog.  Can hardly wait for the sequel.

 Dreaming…You Can Do this!♥


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