OLD SCHOOL…A Great Idea!

I have been so encouraged to see through Social Media how people are handling COVID-19. The people posting are STAYING HOME and making their own fun.

One News Cast announcer said she got out her crocheting again and said she felt like this was OLD SCHOOL. Reality is, we are now going back to old school ideas.  I love seeing families working on puzzles, having game nights, taking family walks in the woods alone, baking together, and using sidewalk chalk on their driveway.  Thank you for abiding by the rules and staying home, staying safe, and trying to beat this virus by not spreading it.

Even on our road, I have seen a father and son jogging together and couples taking their dog for a walk as we wave to each other from afar. I  had a Facebook video chat with my girlfriend.

What I think we have all come to realize is that while we are still using modern technology for watching church services, working from home if possible, chatting with friends, or making funny videos, we are also using OLD SCHOOL ideas again and uniting as a family and community. There is stress with the virus and this will be causing heavy financial burdens, but  there are good results by learning to be a family again.

Sheila Walsh, posted on Instagram, an encouraging verse,

Yet I am confident I will see the Lord’s goodness while I am here in the land of the living.  Psalms 27:13

Let’s unite for this necessary time to do OLD SCHOOL activities partnered with modern technology.

There are great links to help you pass the time.  Our local library had some good ideas, Pinterest, and of course Google to name a few.

I am grateful for many good websites to check out. I am not an expert but here are some things I have thought about.

  • If you are a seamstress, check this out to help our front-line medical teams. My sister-in-law and I are teaming up to help a neighbor who is a nurse and making them for her unit.
  • With the shortage of toilet paper, I am sure you have empty rolls around the house…get creative and make some fun crafts
  • Make homemade playdoh. Check out these links


  • Clean out your closets and I am sure there are clothes your kids would love to dress up in.
  • Take a storybook and act out the characters.
  • Get out your good china and t-cups and have a tea party.
  • Check out on-line your local library for apps and aids to pass the time.
  • Have a puppet show with old socks…we really have them lying around. Then make a back drop out of cardboard for the dramatic show!
  • Start to teach your kids some skills like baking, building a bird house, painting, knitting, crocheting or sewing. The list is endless.
  • Our flower beds will need to be cleaned out…you have a landscaping team at your fingertips.
  • Talk a walk in the woods with a list of things to find and use your camera to take shots of the items you found…you don’t need to even handle the items.
  • Keep taking safe care with washing your hands and taking supplements. Here is a link to check out for a detox bath and other helps. (I have a yummy recipe of Christine’s on my blog under Recipes)


  • There are lots of cool colouring pages on the internet to print off and use OLD SCHOOL crayons or markers. 😊
  • Print off people shapes and animals and make a family out of it and then be creative with  and decorating them.
  • If you aren’t a reader, try picking up a book you have had on the shelf or download a book. Escape to a world without COVID-19.
  • There are some free Bible studies on line. I am working on one of Max Lucado’s book “Anxious For Nothing”.
  • Do a fitness class with your family with classes or videos on-line.
  • Make signs to put in your window to encourage neighbours who walk by.
  • Put up twinkly lights to brighten up your place.
  • Dust off the board games or make your own.
  • Write out the verse of today and keep it where you can see it.
  • Call an elderly neighbour to make sure they have enough food and meds.
  • Continue to pray for those who have the virus and those who have lost loved ones.
  • Breathe……

Some days will be harder than others. Stir crazy will have a new meaning! We are in this together.  Give yourself permission to have a hard day and give grace to yourself, your kids and spouse.

We don’t know the future but we know Who holds it.  Those who know their eternity is secure and believing we have a Great Physician can trust and pray to Him.

If you are not sure, check this link out.  https://singlemomsurvivalsuccess.com/relationship-with-god/

EACH day is a new day to fight COVID-19.  We can each do our part. Bless you all. (You can contact me through my email address on the contact tab.)


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