Our brain is a mighty machine.  Some days we think it has gone on a vacation, but the inner workings and power it has is insurmountable.  Inventions, creations, books, justice, and love is because of this fist size God-given brain.  Other times it is used for negative actions, and our thoughts can certainly give us ‘stinkin’ thinkin’.

We can be reminded of some wonderful and true deeds of Our Mighty God.  Taking some time to write them down can help when we are discouraged or feel off track. I am going to be sharing from the complete Chapter of Psalm 146.

Psalm 146: 2, 5 I will praise the Lord as long as I live.  I will sing praises to my God even with my dying breath. But happy are those who have the God of Israel as their helper, whose hope is in the Lord their God. (NLT)

God is a God of action verbs.  Let’s take a look.

  • Made Heaven and earth, sea, and everything in them
  • Keeps every promise forever
  • Justice to the oppressed
  • Food to the hungry
  • Frees the prisoners
  • Lifts the burdens of those bent beneath their load
  • Protects the foreigners among us
  • Cares for orphans and widows
  • Frustrates the plans of the wicked

The sin in our world has clouded and made things difficult.  Selfishness reigns in our society where people are hurt, starving and lonely. God has not changed so we can ask Him to help in our life’s circumstance. Some days we may struggle and wonder about these words.  Don’t give up because we can’t know the whole picture.  Use your mighty machine, the brain, to claim and remind yourself of these promises and ask God for help to trust and hope in Him. The last verse of this chapter says to Praise Him. When we do that, we can be encouraged.

Open your Tool Box:

  • How about today, can you begin to believe in these verbs?
  • Can you trust God today to take care of you and your situation?
  • Some days are harder than others, so have Psalm 146 near you.


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