He wasn’t a talk show host or an accredited counselor but he had good advice for living life.  This is what he said,

There are two things, Lord, I want you to do for me before I die: Make me absolutely honest and don’t let me be too poor or too rich.  Give me just what I need.  Proverbs 30: 8 (CEV)

Sounds simple enough right?  Well…

  1. Living a life of honesty is not only honorable but in obedience to God as a Christ-follower. Sadly, being absolutely honest is not the norm in our society. Agur was wise to ask God to help him to be honest in all he did. Decisions we make, what we say, and how we live out each day need to be God-breathed in us as soon as morning peeks in our window and when we pull the covers over us at bedtime.

The challenge is to MAKE ME ABSOLUTELY HONEST.

  1. No one wants to be poor and having riches seem so less stressful for living life. Lottery ticket booths are lined up in hopes of gaining financial freedom.  A new title and pay raise at work give us room to breathe and even excitement to buy some new toys. It would mean we don’t have to rip our wallets apart looking for that ten-dollar bill we thought we had, or peek at our bank account in hopes we haven’t gone into overdraft.

So why did he say JUST GIVE ME WHAT I NEED?

This unknown man understood the problems that come when too poor or too rich.  He wanted God to take care of him.  When people leave God out of their desire to balance life for honesty and provisions it goes off kilter.

As an aside, you might be interested in this article of very wealthy people who use what they have for God’s glory.

Those who are single parents, you are most likely in the ‘don’t make me too poor’ lifestyle.  Prayers for help to make ends meet, a working vehicle, kid’s braces, or some cash to take the kiddos on a little excursion are all needed in life.  I have been there. What I found in Agur’s statement, just give me what I need, has been true.  An unexpected car repair, an upcoming mortgage payment, and stress from the work place to live a life of integrity were apart of my life. He gave me what I needed and then some.

Agur knew the true meaning of life by placing things in perspective.  Living a life of honesty and letting God give us what we need equals a life of peace and a prosperity that money or status cannot buy.  As David Green of Hobby Lobby says, “It’s God’s anyway”.

Without a doubt, life will hit us as we try and live an honest life while asking God to us give us just  what we need.  I appreciate Agur’s Reality on life. We have the same choices as him.

To-Do List this week:

  1. Be Honest
  2. Ask God to give us just what we need








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