For most of us, day-to-day routines and doing life become like a pair of well-worn slippers or a comfy sweatshirt. Most times, we can adjust to upcoming changes and work through it. Other times well, it is pretty tough.

Sometimes life hits us sideways, knocking the air out of our lungs. Single parenting is not for the faint of heart and changes can come faster then the speed of lighting.  It happened to me when my ex-spouse said he loved someone else, had found his soul mate, and left.

Changes can come in a variety of ways.

  • Your spouse has decided to ‘leave the building’
  • You can’t make him/her love you
  • You and your kids struggle with grief and adjustments (that can be an understatement)
  • Financial hardship
  • The gossip people say about your family
  • The emptiness and loneliness inside your heart
  • Loss of friends and his/her side of the family
  • Feelings of shame and feeling not good enough
  • A move or giving up a home because of the divorce negotiations
  • Health issues appear and you don’t have someone to be with you
  • Learning to do things on your own without a spouse

I have just touched the surface, but I think you understand and know that change is part of your life for a time.  It was for me.  It was like starting at ground zero to figure out who I was, how to parent alone, and what on earth would I do for a career as the bread-winner for the three of us.

I have to say, and I know it is hindsight, but the CHANGES that happened in my life made me who I am today. I will never agree with the choices I was left with but I took these changes and began to make a new life. Many times, changes have been forced because of someone else’s choice and that can be a hard pill to swallow.  News Break! You don’t have to be defeated, but a winner!

Changes made me realize

  • Who I yield To. My life is about being a Christ-follower. That is first and foremost and I can work through life with Him. It was during that time, I learned what my faith was all about, learned from the Bible, and trusted God to help me move forward.
  • Who I am Today. I am divorced, single mom, re-married now, author, mentor, business owner, farmers wife and book reviewer. This change gave me the opportunity to spread my wings and learn to fly as the God-gifted Linda I could be. New opportunities continue to come and I am forever grateful.
  • Who I can Encourage. With my past, I can help others who are walking this journey. I believe I understand some of their heartache, their struggles, and their new journey. I also mentor women who are struggling with life and pray with them.  What an awesome opportunity.  I wrote a book to help single parents (and for those who are walking beside them) to help them understand they are not alone.

Single Mom Survival Success: Tools and Tips for the Journey. (Check out Amazon)

A lady approached me a few weeks back and said she had bought the book for her daughter but read it first because she was a widow and had been in a new relationship that didn’t pan out. She said it really helped her in her Christian walk.

Dear ones, changes can be so positive and exciting.  Single Parent, you have a journey ahead of you that is unknown and it may be tough right now.  Don’t give up!  There can be so many positive changes despite the negative ones.  Soon they will outnumber the yucky ones.  Use this time to build up your life, make new choices, and let God be your Tour Guide.  He is awesome!

We can be assured as it says in Hebrews 13:8, Jesus Christ never Changes! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Let Him help you through all these C. H. A. N. G. E. S.


  • Identify your hardest change
  • What steps can you make to make some positive changes?
  • Understand that some changes are not your doing
  • Do you trust God to help you through these changes?




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