Up and et ‘EM

Winter months can seem never-ending.  I live in a place where our heating bill could be a mortgage payment and putting on layers upon layers of clothing takes more time then the actual time outside!  Well almost…

I find during these months, it is good for me to have an action plan or I would just lay on the couch with a heavy blanket and watch the days go by waiting for the first sign of a tulip!

I make myself get “up and et ‘em”. I sharpen the skate blades, tighten up my snowshoes, and turn off the Television.

One of my goals this year is to watch less television. I used to hardly watch any tv, then it began as an extra hour, then two…. So, its time to get off the couch. I just recently went on a  trip to the library to get a good book  so it gets me out of the house and try new authors. I know it can be easy to download one, but for me it is nice to get out walk through the selves of books, chat with people (quietly) and choose something different.

I am taking an aqua fit class with a friend.  It literally does my heart good, I get to have some good laughs with my girlfriend, and the library is in this complex!

I am taking a Bible Study with some girlfriends.  This increases my faith, gives me good support in my life, and lets me encourages others and think beyond my own life box.

Lazy habits can hold me down. Just sitting around can sometimes be easier but certainly not fulfilling for a purposeful life.  Life has a lot to give us if we can look for possibilities.

Here are some ideas off the top of my snow-covered head that might help all of us get off that comfy couch. Don’t worry you will be back.

  • Craft class
  • Night school interest course
  • Walking group in your town (we have one in our high school which I attend) or a volleyball group (we have one at our church)
  • Healthy food instead of those fat-laden snacks that we feel will comfort us in the dreary months of winter
  • Host a ladies group if you have health issues or can’t find babysitting that can’t get you easily out the door. A breath of friendship is great for the soul.
  • Non-profit organizations could use your volunteering time. Take the kids with you if they will allow it for some family team work
  • Shut down the social media stuff for an hour a day then two and realize life is more than that
  • Take the kids outside for some fun. I used to take the girls out occasionally for a tobogganing outing for about an hour in the evening during those frosty nights. That was the last thing I wanted to do after a long day at work, but once we got out there it was fun.  We laughed, we got some fresh air, and spent time together.  I did land on my head one night trying to do a daredevil stunt so I put a note to myself…’don’t act like you are 16 years old!’ 😊
  • Check out the community board and see what is being offered for free this time of year. It may only be for an hour but it is accumulating memories in the memory box. Sometimes they have a little craft club for an hour at the local library for kids
  • Meet someone for coffee, or invite them in
  • For some who have weekends alone because your ex has them, plan something fun other then sitting on the couch. Visit friends, take a trip to another town for window shopping, check out some skills you would like to learn (with the kids away you don’t have to pay for babysitting).  Join a book club, visit seniors in a senior’s home, grab a coffee and go for a walk in the park and breathe.
  • Maybe it is time to start writing those articles or book you have always wanted to do. Perhaps you might want to join a knitting club to knit your first scarf, join a bowling league, grab some books on different places in the world that you always want to know about…then maybe start saving for a trip there even if it takes 5 years to save.
  • God has placed you here for this time. He wants you to enjoy life amongst the stresses of life.

May He grant you according to your heart’s desire, and fulfill all your purpose. Psalm 20:4 (CEV)

Life is tough with stressors that seem to hit us sideways from week to week.  Allow yourself to experience some relief from that.  Pull yourself off the couch and like me grab your warm coat, mittens, hat and open the door.  There is a new adventure out there. It doesn’t have to be big…but start somewhere. Your couch will be waiting for you when you get back.


  • Make a decision to get “up and et ‘em”.
  • What would you like to learn or do?
  • Understand you are worth it to enjoy some time to refresh yourself.
  • Is there an activity you can look into for you and the kids?
  • Enjoy your couch time while you are reflecting on some enjoyable things you have done and are doing.


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