The Tap On My Shoulder

Can you believe it!  We already have 7 days into the new year!  I think I can safely say, most of us desire to move ahead in positive ways making new goals for the next 12 months.  It is wanting to putting one foot in front of the other.

Each year, I write out goals and it looks so nice and neat in my booklet. I am ready for the challenge.

However!  Yes, however, the words written down on a piece of paper don’t always fit into some unexpected life situations.  I can see you nodding your head in agreement.

Life is going well in most areas of life and then one comment can take our breath away or bring us to our knees.  Sometimes it does seems one step forward and 12 back? Oh! It can frustrate me.  There are times when our past keeps tapping us on the shoulder, all the while whispering “remember when”.

It is the voices of the past that keep bringing up hurt and crippling us from moving ahead.  It’s those “maybe” situations:

  • Maybe it was words you have heard and believed but in reality, they are total lies.
  • Maybe it was an unkind comment from a co-worker because they were jealous of threatened by you.
  • Maybe a comment from your ex-spouse that has you believing things were all your fault or words saying you could never be what you wanted to be.
  • Maybe even a close friend has turned on you for whatever reason and said some painful things about you and to you.
  • Maybe words from family members that have been said and done stuff to you because of their own painful past.
  • Maybe you believe lies about yourself that you need to work on.

There is hope!  There really is.

  1. I would encourage you to take some time in the next week or so and identify those painful words and situations.
  2. Then write them down.
  3. Make a decision to begin to take each issue and work through them.
  4. Next, See the TRUTH and cross out the lies.
  5. Then, you may want to call a trusted friend, a pastor, or a counselor and begin to bring the truth to light if you are struggling with how to bring resolution.

Please understand, there may be some issues that will take quite a bit of time and hard work. I bet you are up for the challenge.  Just don’t give up.

Let 2019 be one of Truth and healing. God is rooting for us.  He wants us to engage our life with Him. He wants us to believe and trust Him with our life.  For some, you may not know much about God and the work of Jesus Christ.

Check this out.

For others, you have placed your trust and life in God, our Heavenly Father. God is ready to help all of us as we journey in 2019.  No need to delay.

For me, every once in a while, a comment will bring me to my past.  I have to stop, question it, and make a choice to deal with it in positive ways. I can take that finger tapping on my shoulder off and tell it to get lost.

Truth will set us all free!

You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32 (CEV)


  • See Truth for what it is. Get some help if you need it….it will be worth it.
  • Stop listening to lies.
  • Memorize John 8: 32
  • Believe 2019 can be your year of freedom!


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