Freedom, TRUE Freedom

We recently had a day to remember our country’s freedom.  How grateful I am for those veterans that fought and sacrificed their lives so we could live in the ‘land of the free’.

Lately, I was thinking about another type of freedom.  It is freedom from things in life that seem to trap me from living a more victorious life.  It involves the worries of this world, the pressures that seem endless and the past scars and hurts that like to surface again and again.

Do you struggle with the same?  What makes you feel defeated and pressing down on your heart while walking in imaginary cement shoes?

I have heard some share

  • It is the words from their past that they aren’t good enough or never will be
  • That dreams are only for daydreamers
  • Life will never change.
  • Some that feel because their marriage broke down, it was ALL their fault and they live in that guilt.
  • Others share that co-workers are cruel
  • Fair-weather friends have left them feeling hurt and abandoned
  • Those that were an example and in leadership have failed them
  • Do you worry a lot and can’t seem to let it go? That worry feels like a chain around your neck, your ankles and your heart? It can be debilitating.

Truth is, we are all human, we make mistakes and life hurts sometimes.

GOOD NEWS! DON’T STOP READING. The great and awesome news is that God can break those chains. He wants to give us TRUE freedom despite what is going on around us and in our hearts.

Jesus’ sacrificial life made it possible to be free from bondage’s in our life.   Sadly, I don’t reflect on that as much as I should. It needs to be a continual Remembrance Day for me.

True freedom is allowing God to show us His Truth and help us work through each step of our past, our present situation, all while moving toward the future.

Jesus said, “A thief comes only to rob, kill, and destroy. I came so that everyone would have life, and have it in its fullest.”  John 10:10 (CEV)

Maybe you don’t even know where to begin. How about grabbing a notebook and begin to list bondage issues, worry issues, and scary unknowns. Many share they are dealing with pornography and want to break the chains.  Others have no boundaries in their life and are walked on by others. Some have anger issues, others  spending issues, while others continue to spread gossip. You have your list. Begin to pray that God would help you heal. That is a beginning to start your way to Freedom.

Consider this: Do you need to consider counselling?  Do you need to begin to dream again and start the steps to make that come true? Do you need to forgive in your heart those that hurt you and don’t want you to succeed? Do you need to have a more positive attitude and tell Winnie the Pooh’s, Eeyore, to take a hike?

I struggle with issues that trap me from having Freedom. It is important for me to acknowledge those chains and release them to God….and yes sometimes a lot! When I do work with God, I begin to know an inner freedom that only He can give. Pretty amazing!

From experience, when a situation comes up; take it directly to God.  Ask Him to control your mind, your thoughts, and remember He wants us to live life to the fullest. If you have a good supportive friend reach out and ask for prayer and encouragement.  Crack open the Word of God and let His words comfort and empower you.  Take that list of yours and begin to make small steps.

Don’t give up, there is freedom….true freedom.


  • Do you feel a lack of freedom in life? Make a list.
  • What positive steps can you take with this list?
  • Reach out to those that you feel you can trust to walk alongside you.
  • Let God help you gain True Freedom. He is only a prayer away.




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