Roots Matter

While on my bike ride the other day, I came across this tree by our property. The main tree had either fallen down or was cut for some reason years ago. Can you see the main tree trunk smack in the middle?  All the little branches circling it are the new saplings growing from the main tree. All healthy and getting taller every year.

It struck me that single parents are like this tree. You have been cut down, weather storms, and feel a part of you is gone. But look again! You are still standing! Your roots are strong.  Now that is something to celebrate!

Not only that, you are producing saplings (that would be your kiddos) that are growing and maturing into adulthood.  Just as that tree is producing new ‘offspring” to grow, you have the opportunity to invest and help your children grow.  These saplings need the main rooted tree, and so do your children.  You are their lifeline. Children are watching and will  be imitating the way you live your life.

These precious children, whom God has entrusted to you as their lifeline, need your guidance and help. They will take from your strength (the strong root).  Teach them to be all they can be, to love Jesus, and grow into people of character.

If you love Jesus, it is like what the Apostle Paul said,

Plant your roots in Christ and let him be the foundation for your life. Be strong in your faith, just as you were taught. And be grateful. Colossians 2:7 (CEV)

Letting Christ be your foundation, will keep you striving to be strong in your faith and then able to pass it on to your kids.  Paul also said to be grateful. He wasn’t just preaching that.  He lived it because he was thrown in jail, shipwrecked and betrayed. So when he says be grateful it means we can try to do that as well!  Some days won’t feel like it, but deeply rooted and trusting Christ will give you the strength needed. Believe me, some days it is just plain hard!

But you must stay deeply rooted and firm in your faith. You must not give up the hope you received when you heard the good news. Colossians 1:23

My children are adults now living out their own journey.  For me, I pray that the roots that are the foundation of my life in Christ will be their foundation as they walk on their own path.

Now as I peddle by that tree, I am reminded that I still need to be the mom that is deeply rooted and firm in my faith as an example to my kids.  Roots matter!


  • Have HOPE even when you feel like you have been chopped and cut down in life
  • Be rooted in your faith as a firm foundation
  • Be a support and example to your children at whatever age
  • Appreciate the analogy as single parents how you can help give life to your kids
  • Memorize Colossians 1:23 and Colossians 2:7







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