When A Momma’s Heart Hurts

I had three similar conversations this past week while waiting at my appointments. Three different locations with three different women who didn’t know each other.

I asked a casual question not knowing it was like an anchor hanging around their necks. I asked them how their kids were. In that moment, a flood gate of words gushed from their mouth releasing what was on their heart. They want the very best for the children. I am sure you feel the same way about your kiddos whether they are still at home or are adult children living elsewhere.  We love our children and we are momma bears trying to protect and nurture each one.

A momma’s heart beats to the same drum.  There was sacrifices and total investments raising our kids to be the best they could be.

These three women shared how their children had made some unwise and life-changing decisions.  They watch as their children struggle along.  Their adult kids don’t want to listen to advice and have stopped speaking to them.  I listened to these moms say to me, “I didn’t bring them up that way”.

Again, they are standing on the sidelines but this time in the journey called life; clinging to their heart. Tears flow knowing their hands are tied.

Our world has many views about life that have turned people away from God. They are angry and even though some were raised in Christian homes and went to church, they have left it all behind.  They comment, “What does it matter anyway.  I like to believe what I want and do what I want.”  Truthfully, life is so much more. It’s not a list of do’s and don’ts but a relationship with God who wants them to enjoy life in the true sense.  He wants to fill their empty hearts.

Momma’s (and Grandmothers, you are not alone.  All around the world, mother’s are living with hurting hearts. I know this because I have had many other conversations just like the ones I had last week. The feelings of helplessness is very real, but be encouraged you don’t have to feel hopeless.

May I encourage you to:

  1. Not give up on them. Let them know you are there but you may need to give them space.
  2. Love them even if they aren’t talking to you. Have you thought of just sending a card saying ‘thinking of you.’ No questions, no advice, just signing, Mom   (or Grandma)
  3. Pray for them. God loves them too!

I found this website that gives a free printable sheet how you can pray for your kids.  It might be worth the time to read over this.  https://club31women.com/12-powerful-verses-pray-children/. Whatever you decide, I encourage you to make prayer a priority asking God to work in their hearts and ask God to surround you with His peace and comfort in this waiting room of life.

Claim this verse, My children, I am in terrible pain until Christ may be seen living in you. Galatians 4:19

I am glad I had those kind of women in my life who continued to pray and love me despite the choices I made and some painful roads I had to travel.

Do you have a hurting heart?  Do you feel helpless and hopeless? You are not alone. There is power in the prayers of a momma’s heart.  Don’t give up…


  • Write out your children’s names (at whatever age) and pray for them daily
  • Despite them not acting like you ‘raised them”, love them and let them know that
  • Find someone who will pray with you
  • Ask God for wisdom in how you should deal with each of your children. Never give up praying for them and being an example of love.
  • If your child won’t talk to you right now and they want space, continue to pray, pray, and pray!
  • Claim Galatians 4:19


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