Ready, Set, Go!

Does that phrase sound like your daily grind?  Waiting each week is a new schedule that needs to be checked off as each event comes and goes! When that is done, the next 7 days starts yelling, “Come on!”

The older I get, I find myself not having the same stamina I had 10 years previous. However, I also realize that some things are just not as important anymore and that some things will just have to wait.

I read a little booklet years ago called “Tyranny of the Urgent” by Charles E. Hummel and this will be on my list to re-read again for 2018.  It is a 32-page booklet that can be downloaded or purchased, packed with information about what is important in life.  Would you care to join me?

We have goals and resolutions for this year and that is important. What I find for myself is the need to have balance and boundaries while achieving them. It is good to ask why we have these goals, what is really important, and what will they accomplish.  Most importantly, where does God fit into them all? When God is the focus, then our time management will center on what is priority in our home, our kids’ lives, and our career.

What will 2018 be for you? It’s a New Year, a New Start, and a New plan of action.  There will be unscheduled things that pop up so you can then have perspective to know what is the best to do first.

I want to give you, again, my favourite verse that sets this year in motion.

The Lord said:

 Forget what happened long ago!
Don’t think about the past.
I am creating something new.
There it is! Do you see it?
I have put roads in deserts,
streams in thirsty lands. Isaiah 43:18-19 (CEV)

Hello January!


  • Check out the booklet, Tyranny of the Urgent
  • Take some time to decide what is important for you and your kids
  • As you face each week and balancing scheduled and unscheduled events, evaluate what is the most important to do and what can wait.


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