Attending the School of Hard Knocks: Healing 101

Some courses in our educational system are harder than others while others are easy to learn and remember. Other courses are brutally challenging and take a lot of preparation. The same is true in life. Single Parenthood has you enrolled in the School of Hard Knocks. It can affect you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I know this is hard work, but I can say without a doubt, passing this course, Healing 101, will be one of victory giving you an A+!

In my book, Single Mom Survival Success: Tools and Tips for the Journey”, I shared

“Healing from a life trauma affects not only your physical health but your emotional and spiritual well-being.  You have probably figured that out by now.  But there is hope. Gaining physical, emotional, and spiritual healing is within reach of anyone who wants it.

We are people of worth and not made of junk!  God weaved his thread of love and creativity in us.  He handcrafted us.  Rejoice!

You created me and put me together.  Make me wise enough to learn what you have commanded. (Psalm 119:73)

In whatever circumstance you find yourself, there is hope. Despite the mistakes we make or choices that fall in our lap that we don’t want, we are still a person of worth in God’s eyes.  He is waiting with open arms to hold you tight and lead you forward to be all you can be.

Completing each chapter in your Healing 101 syllabus will help you to gain incredible strength and healing.  This will be the beginning of something wonderful and new.  Healing 101 is a life journey…. Don’t be discouraged.  You will have days when you wonder if you are healing.  Keep plugging ahead and don’t give up.” (taken from pgs. 95,102,103,107)


  • Healing 101 from the School of Hard Knocks can be done!
  • Healing is possible and positive.
  • God thinks you are very special!
  • Always remember there is HOPE!


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