I have always found time spent by the water calms my soul and refreshes the weary spirit. For a number of summers, I found myself dragging blow-up whales, sand pails, and beach balls to the water front.  When we packed up, our skin was wrinkly and we felt waterlogged.  But oh what fun!

We need some moments for summer fun! Because,

  1. We need refreshment. The Psalmist knew a place to be refreshed when he said, He leads me beside the still waters. The day spent at the beach with children can be far from still waters, but with safety rules in place and the time to splash in the water, the time to laugh and scream with the children will have the same effect. Have you carved out some time to spend beside the water?

Moments sitting on the shore line, a canoe ride, visiting the city splash pad, or walking by water could be the refreshment you all need.

  1. We need our thirst quenched by God.

In my heart, I am thirsty for you, the living God. When will I see your face?  Psalm 42:2

So many time pressures and responsibilities can suck us emotionally, physically, and spiritually dry. The time spent in God’s word will never be wasted.  In fact, this can encourage your soul as we read the promises of God.

Here is a link of some of God’s Promises from Bible Study  Reading these can put a spring in our step, and a renewed vision to trust God.  We all need this in our life of pressures and questions.

Maybe write out some of these verses on recipe cards and keep them in your Bible, or in your jammed- packed purse.  We all have to stand in line at the grocery store, at a medical appointment, or in a traffic jam.  Why not take a book of the Bible and read it? Keep a journal book beside it and write out comments and questions to study further or ask a friend about it.  This link above can help you find some answers and studies as well.

Summer flies by so quickly. Seasons come and go, so take this summer to have some fun with your kids.  Get waterlogged with your kids and get drenched in your thirst for God.  You will find doing these two things can help in your journey. It certainly did for me!


  • Find a body of water near you. A city splash pad, a creek in the park, or a beach near you.
  • Plan a special trip with a picnic basket, sand pails, some safety rules and have fun!
  • Take some time for refreshing your soul by reading the Scriptures.
  • Memories some verses, so when you are standing in line, you can be encouraged.
  • Getting waterlogged can be a good thing!

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