Ever since I can remember, I was taught to say please and then I, in turn, taught my two girls to say this wonderful word. Saying Please softens requests, shows respect, and is a twin to the words, Thank you!

id-100116540I must confess, over the years, I have prayed to God over and over again, asking Him to PLEASE answer my prayer. I mean, really, I knew what was best for me and my children. Surely if I said, please, in my most heartfelt tone; it would come to pass.  Thank the Lord, it didn’t!

If things weren’t going my way, it was easy to start the bargaining game if God would PLEASE answer, then I would be the best for Him in return. I thought I could help God to see the big picture.  It felt like the television show, Let’s make a Deal. Hum…

Maybe you have found yourself in the same shoes that I walked while a single mom.

  • When my ex walked out the door, I begged God to bring him back home.
  • When I wanted a certain house to rent, I begged God to have that particular one.
  • When I was tired of being single, I begged God to bring a man into my life.
  • When I had a painful issue to deal with my ex, I begged God to have things settled now.
  • When I wanted the pain and confusion for my girls to stop, I begged God to stop this roller coaster.
  • When I wanted a certain employment opportunity, I begged God to give me that one!

I did say PLEASE!

prayAll these are valid questions and prayers to ask God. There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying please and asking. God wants us to tell him our hearts desires.  However, I found that when I begged and demanded, I lost perspective that God knows best.  With these requests, I had to TRUST God to filter my prayers for life circumstances and decisions.

When I did that, panic and control were no longer in the equation.  In retrospect, I can say that God had things going on behind the scenes I knew nothing about.

I still can start to beg and demand from God saying please when life issues overtake me. I can wipe my tears, blow my nose, and cry out to Him. We all do that because we want to fix life. Then, a quietness overtakes me when I remember,

Please, Lord, hear my prayer and give me the understanding that comes from your word. Psalm 119:169

Asking God to please help and guide us is what we need to do. Trusting Him to work it out is just as necessary.

id-100169204PLEASE! Open Your Toolbox:

  • What are you asking God for right now? Will you trust God with your prayers?
  • Memorize Psalm 119:169


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