In a MANNERS of Speaking: Excuse me!

Such an important word. A sudden hiccup, an escaped burp, or you need to speak to someone and say two words, Excuse me!

With the Christmas season upon us and the overwhelming crowds and busy bustle, I find myself using those words often, getting to the most needed isle for my purchase. Yes, I know, there is that woman who has the most annoying two-ton purse hitting your back at the cashiers who has no perception of personal space. I find myself saying, ‘Excuse me’, trying to pay as she gives me little space to do my transaction.  Blah humbug!

There is another way to say these two words loaded with a different tone.  It usually happens when something false is said about a person’s character or a false action making people say, EXCUSE ME!

Recently, I have heard of some situations about some separated and divorced couples who were playing the nasty card.  It makes my heart very, very sad when people want revenge instead of settling the right way.   Words like, EXCUSE ME, you just wait I’ll show them, or EXCUSE ME! They are going to pay for this! Or, EXCUSE ME, how could they have said those untrue words and be so mean?

id-10024213Single Moms, you have a very important choice as you stand at a crossroads saying those words, EXCUSE ME! I wish I could sit and have coffee with you all and listen to your heart.  It hurts and yes, life is unfair.  No one needs to be run over, so asking for God’s wisdom and grace will get you through this.

If your ex is trying to be mean, revengeful (or maybe you are), step back, take a deep breath, and then step forward with God as your Guide.  You may want to say to me, EXCUSE ME, do you know what my ex is trying to do?  Not exactly! But I have walked this journey when emotions are high, anger is ready to explode, and the unknown made it hard to breathe.  No one really wins when this happens.

Good counsel, wise friends, and Godly advice will help you get through this. Decide what is important to live each day and the other really is fluff. You might be surprised as you back off, what could take place.

There were some things I thought were important but really weren’t.  I had to let go, hug my children and do what was best for the kids and make right decisions how I could look after them without being revengeful.

10536470_10152215602478321_2043079132_n1Years later, I am glad I did.  I chose not to say, Excuse me, I’ll get you! Or I’ll show you! Even though I had been handed some rotten life junk, God showed me what was right, what truth was and what needed to be fair.  With God’s wisdom we can never go wrong! We have resources to do what is right in our journey to succeed!

You, Lord God, are my mighty rock and my fortress. Lead me and guide me, so that your name will be honored.  Psalm 31:3

In a manner of speaking, as you bump shoulders with crowded people this season, and even your ex, you can say, EXCUSE ME and make decisions that are honouring to your kids, yourself, and God!


  • Use the words, EXCUSE ME, in positive ways. You won’t regret it.
  • As you need wisdom, don’t be afraid to get counsel from wise friends, counselors, and God.
  • As you need patience, step back, breathe and walk in step with God.
  • Claim Psalm 31:3.


1 thought on “In a MANNERS of Speaking: Excuse me!

  1. Thanks, Linda. Having worked at a law firm, I heard the “I’ll get you” more than I thought possible. And there were so many times where the children were caught in “no-man’s land”. The journey is not always ours, in the making.

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