Sure Salvation

There is rarely anything that is a sure thing these days.

Investments crash, marriages fall apart, the internet speed is unreliable, job security is shaky, and friendships seem flakey.

I thought my marriage was a sure thing. I mean we had promised to be there until death do us part, right?  Companies downsized, leaving me looking for work.  My car was supposed to be reliable but it was at the garage so much that I was on a first name basis.

There is absolutely one thing that is for sure….God’s promise of Salvation.

Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The Lord, the Lord himself, is my strength and my defense; he has become my salvation. Isaiah 12:2

When we accept God’s gift of eternal salvation and understand the great sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ… that is SURE thing.

ID-100206881God is there for us.  He has a 100% guarantee.   Because of this, we will want to embrace obedience.  God is a SURE thing. God will be our strength and defense.

We need this when our health fails, when our kids are struggling with life, when we are lonely, or when we keep opening up our wallet hoping we can find cash.  He will defend us and stand with us in court battles or when people gossip about us. He will be there as we stand in the unemployment line, when we are in need of a friend, or we just need good, ol’ plain single mom wisdom.

Life is full of instability, but God is a SURE thing.  Have you trusted in Him in your spiritual walk? Will you trust Him in your journey as a single mom?

Check out

What are you working through right now?  Will you partner with God, like Isaiah, to see you through as a SURE thing?


  • Reach out and trust God
  • Do you believe that God is the SURE thing?
  • Let God be your strength and defense.




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