Do you have To-Do lists you make up every week? I do because it helps me keep track of things that need to get done.  My memory seems to be about as equal as my age…55% good.

ID-10094157 (1)Single moms, life can be over-taxing and over-whelming trying to keep a home, raise the kids, and continue on track with lists and more lists. I lived it and I understand.  Still today, lists kept me sane and on track.

One thing for certain that needs to be placed on our To-Do list is to BE SURE to work on is what Samuel shared with the Israelite’s.

But be sure to fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart: consider what great things he has done for you.  1 Samuel 12:24 (NIV)

Life may be over the top busy and filled some stressful days.  I get that.  I also get that Samuel was right. He knew that life needed to be on a SURE foundation which was

  1. Fearing the Lord (respect and honour)
  2. Serving Him with all your heart


Samuel said, He has done great things for you.  First, if you have accepted His free gift of salvation, He has given you the promise of eternal life forever with Him.  Secondly, God has all the resources needed for what you need right at this minute and into the future. He adores you and wants you to not only survive but be successful.

As you fear and honour God by squeezing time each day to chat with Him, read His Word, and give Him your unknown path, I can guarantee new and great things will happen!

I know your TO-DO list is packed.  What I can suggest is to pray for other single moms or those in your circle who need it. You can sit with your children and read them precious stories of the Bible. Serving and raising your children is a wonderful ministry right now.

Maybe you could show kindness to an elderly person with a phone call or email a discouraged person.  God will open doors to help you minister in ways you never thought possible because He knows your tight schedule. Ask Him for a heart of service and to balance it all out.

God has done great things and He is excited to do that for you! Fear and honour God with your whole heart and what the adventure happen!  Thank you, Samuel, for reminding us!


  • Think on all the good things God has done for you and your kids
  • Fear and Serve Him with all your heart? How?  Why not ask Him?
  • As you make up your TO-DO list, make time for God…He is waiting.


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