Beautiful Hands

ID-10038513Hands wipe tears from your child’s face, clap when they run a race, and hold a tissue to their nose when they are fighting a cold. Hands hold a brush to comb the hair, plant a garden, to call a friend, type a note, or use for crafting.

Hasn’t the times when someone reached to hold your hand or touched your shoulder felt like an energy drink?

The hand holds a wedding band symbolizing commitment for a lifetime. For single moms an empty space now visualizing the commitment broken. Do your hands feel parched and cracked matching your heart with feelings of nothing to give?  King David told God the same thing.

Then I lift my hands in prayer, because my soul is a desert, thirsty for water from you. Psalm 143:6

Look at your hands and evaluate the giftedness God has placed in them. As single moms you are constantly packing lunches, mending clothes to get through a few more weeks, or helping them practice for their newly joined sports team. It is your hand on your child’s shoulder as they head out for their first date (I know….breathe) and a hand that is in a death grip as you take your child out for their first driving lesson (again, breathe!)

Do these sound familiar?

  • The ex has said or done something and you find your fists are clenched
  • Your child has been hurt and your hands smooth their hair and hold their face for comfort
  • You take notes during your night school class to help enhance your job
  • You sign the divorce papers and then reach for a tissue to wash away the tears
  • You make healthy meals for you and your children
  • You clasp your hands in prayer asking God to help you raise your kids
  • You pack your children’s suitcase for the weekend with their dad
  • You pack your kids bags for summer camp or off to college. Where does the time go?
  • You hold your Bible asking for refreshment and words of comfort and wisdom
  • You sign a rental agreement of a new place to live with your kids
  • You stand alone in a room lifting your hands to God asking for help because you feel stuck
  • You hold your wallet wondering how to pay bills

ID-10063622Single moms, what you are doing in this journey gives you the right to wrap your arms around yourself for a monstrous, big hug and a pat on the back!  I high-five you!

I believe how we use our hands radiates from the heart. The fruit of that labour will be a great harvest because your hands are a lifeline for your dear ones. God is inviting you to come alongside him and help you with these two hands.

Can you trust like Jeremiah?  As for me, I am in your hands; do with me whatever you think is good and right.  Jeremiah 26:14


  • Thank God for His giftedness in your hands
  • Use your hands to encourage your children this week
  • Lift your hands to God asking for His help
  • Ask God what you can do with these two hands

Linda’s Inner Beauty tip for the week: Trust God as you walk this journey and say as Jeremiah, ‘I am in your hands.’

Kayla’s Outward Beauty tip: We use our hands for everything we do. They need extra care. Enjoy soft hands by putting your favourite hand cream on before bed and apply a pair of light weight gloves. This helps keep the hydration in all night for softer hands tomorrow!

Next week: Beautiful Feet!


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