My Creek

my creekWhat brings calmness to my soul and a sense of refreshment is time spent sitting by water. David in Psalm 23 had the same sediment.

He leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. Psalm 23:2b-3

A creek runs on our property mirroring the seasons. Snow and ice cover it during the winter months while spring sends the waters flowing as fast as a race car. The lazy days of summer dries up the creek like a desert. When Autumn arrives, the water continues at a slow and steady pace.

The creek reminds me of everyday seasons of life. We can stand by the edge of our own personal ‘creek’ as the seasons come and go.

Like winter, our heart can become cold and frost bitten by the pain and hurt of people who live in our world. Spring is a time of refreshment, feeling we are finally climbing out of the weeds of stress knowing those slimy toads don’t seem to bother us. The hot summer makes our soul feel cracked and parched. We wonder why our prayers aren’t being answered, the ex is giving constant grief, and financial problems seem endless. Then autumn arrives and life seems to be calmer and steadier; grateful for the safe haven.

Whatever stage of your life creek, understand you are not alone.

The Prophet Elijah had a creek experience. He was downhearted and discouraged. God came to him and provided for him.  Ravens brought him bread and meat twice a day, and he drank water from the creek.  I Kings 17:6

We all live with creek experiences just like Elijah. The good news is that God will do the same for you as He did for the Prophet. He will provide and walk with you by your creek of life.  He will lead you beside the waters of life and He will refresh you life.  History has proven it and I am part of that history…you are too!

ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX: I see a life map of your creek

  • What season of your life creek are you in right now?
  • Read the story in 1 Kings 17
  • Do you believe that God will provide in the seasons of your creek?


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