ID-100364816This week our Life Bowl needs to be jammed packed with a whole lot of fruit called Faithfulness. This fruit is hard to find, but very special.

Over the years, the term Faithfulness has greatly diminished in its meaning and people value it like the old saying, not worth a plug nickel. An employee hands in her two weeks’ notice because they moved her desk, a person doesn’t like the church music so never goes back. The community sports team doesn’t have fun people so she quits after the first game, and marriage just isn’t as exciting anymore so why not call it quits.

Maybe you have had these types of situations happen to you.

  • Your friend texted to cancel plans saying something had come up and then you heard through the grapevine she was out with other friends instead. That hurt your heart.
  • You thought family members were there to lift you up and help when you needed it most but they weren’t around. That wounded your heart.
  • Single Moms, your ex-spouse didn’t keep his promise of ‘until death do you part’. That broke your heart.

Fact of life: We need to live out faithfulness despite the lack of it extended to us.

Life throws many curveballs and there is no glove big enough to catch it. Or is there? Read on. People and circumstances continually change, but God never changes, does not disappoint, and loves unconditionally. (Sadly, God gets blamed for a lot of negative life circumstances that humans cause.)

ID-100320676God’s character of Faithfulness is steadfast and true. Reach out and taste its goodness.

I will tell them, ‘God’s love can always be trusted, and his faithfulness lasts as long as the heavens.’ Psalm 89:2


  • Even if people disappoint, God will fill your life bowl with His Fruit of Faithfulness.
  • Even if people disappoint, you can still live out this Fruit of Faithfulness to others
  • Even if people disappoint, God encourages you to not give up.

You can be a women of character and strength because this fruit called Faithfulness will help you to be an example of faithfulness to your kids and to those you rub shoulders with.

You can be a woman of character and strength because you know without a doubt God will faithfully help you walk in these single mom shoes. God will bless you as you live out faithfulness.

God will bless you, if you don’t give up when your faith is being tested. He will reward you with a glorious life, just as he rewards everyone who loves him. James 1:2

You will hurt when others are not faithful to you but be assured you can run to God who will generously extend this fruit to you. It will refresh your heart.

ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX:  Be refreshed with this special fruit called Faithfulness!

  • God will comfort you when faithfulness is not extended to you
  • Believe that God can be trusted Psalm 89:2
  • Have this fruit in your Life Bowl even if others don’t
  • Ask God to renew your heart despite others being unfaithful to you
  • Show your kids what Faithfulness is all about and hand them some of that fruit

Next week: The Fruit called Gentleness





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