My Grandfather used to always say these three words, For Goodness Sake. Over the years its original meaning  has turned from a definition of meaning decency and all things good, to words that mean frustration and throwing up of the hands.

ID-10076265I rather like the old Elizabethan definition Shakespeare used for the scenes of my life. Our Life Bowl needs this daily fruit as we rub shoulders with people day-in and day-out.

I have been blessed by many people who have shared this Fruit of Goodness in my life.

Wise King Solomon believed this Fruit of the Spirit would greatly benefit us. If you try to be kind and good, you will be blessed with life and goodness and honor.  Proverbs 21:21

I’m reading Rick Warren’s book, God’s Power to Change your Life. Page 35 says, “What I think determines what I feel, determines how I act.”  A rich book for such a good price.  Check it out!

Don’t you know that the food you put in your mouth goes into your stomach and then out of your body?  But the words that come out of your mouth come from your heart.  Matthew 15:17-18a

When we think on good things, we will act on good things. With much sarcasm in our society, goodness can get shoved to the back of our character list.  It doesn’t have to.

Just think what acts of goodness can do to heal and help us in our life journey. It is a determined choice to pass it on. It is deciding to do what is based on Truth and then being morally obedient where we are planted. This Fruit of the Spirit allows us be fair and true in each and every action.

Society has defined and justified its own set of rules that far surpasses God’s laws and what our ancestors lived. For example,

  • Its ok to cheat on my taxes, the government is taking too much anyway
  • I’ll take office supplies home because I work hard
  • My ex hurt me so he doesn’t deserve extra time with our kids
  • I won’t tithe my income because God knows I am financially strapped
  • Having sex before marriage is ok, I mean, everyone is doing it
  • I had to lie a bit to prove a point

For goodness sake, this beautiful fruit begins to turn rotten. We need time in God’s Word and talking to Him every day to keep this Good Fruit from going to waste.

The Lord’s instruction is right; it makes our hearts glad. His commands shine brightly, and they give us light. Psalm 19:8

King David knew this. His moral compass wasn’t always pointed to God. He made some unwise decisions that he had to live out the rest of his days. He knew God’s fruit gives us true health.

ID-10048394Goodness gives us fresh air to our lungs, a spring in our step, and a positive outlook to raise our kids. Goodness knows we have enough outside issues that will try and stomp all things good. Give your kids the gift of goodness so they can choose to live a life pleasing to God. It will rub off and over-flow to your children, grandchildren, and those you rub shoulders with (that includes the ex).

We are hit each and every day with issues. Our minds and actions need to be in tune with God to live victorious by enriching our life an enjoy the Fruit of Goodness. We will have victory as we make wise decisions to live a life worthy of God.

If you do what the Lord wants, he will make certain each step you take is sure.  Psalm 37:23

Let’s determine together to make sure our steps are in tune with God’s and oh, for Goodness sake,  hand me some of that fruit!

ID-100169204OPEN YOU TOOL BOX: Goodness! There is an overflowing basket of this fruit

  • Allow God to fill your mind and actions with His Goodness
  • What act of goodness can you show today?
  • When people are far from good to you, how will you respond?
  • Write out Psalm 19:8 and Psalm 37:23 and put to memory
  • God has given this fruit called Goodness, He will help you live it out!


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