It’s KIND of Like This!

Kindness is one of the Fruits of the Spirit you need to give away.  Our Life Bowl should be full to the brim with this fruit.  It walks the walk and talks the talk. grapes

Kindness is easy to give your neighbour who shovels your driveway

  • But what about the one who waits until you do your clearing and uses yours? (that was my neighbour)

Kindness can be easy to work with when a co-worker who genuinely is concerned about working as a team with you

  • But what about the one who talks behind your back and snubs their nose at you?

Kindness can be easy to enjoy friendships who are there for you and support you as a single mom

  • But what about all the fair-weather friends who never keep their promises to be there?

Kindness can be easy to have play dates with your kids’ friends

  • But what about when that little kid is nasty to your child? (momma bear syndrome)

Kindess can be easy when your ex is civil to you

  • But what about all the times he is not?

There will always be prickly people in our life.  It isn’t easy to have the Fruit called Kindness let alone even want to share it.  Galatians 5 says this is part of the Fruit of the Spirit. How can this be?

Ephesians 4:32 says the same thing. Be Kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. 

It’s one of those verses that puts things are in perspective. God has forgiven us by giving us His Son as a sacrifice for all our sins. That means we need to be kind and compassion to not only those that care for us, but those prickly fruit people.

Prickly FruitI have to say, that is a toughie. How many times during a day do we have to extend kindness to people that are not even remotely kind to us?  As a Christ-Follower, God’s Spirit gives us the strength to extend this fruit.  That doesn’t mean we need to be stomped on, but our reaction is because of Christ’s love and sacrifice to us.

Sadly, some will never take your offer of kindness.  For some of you, that is how your ex reacts.  God will bless you despite anyone’s reactions.  He knows your heart and that you want to extend this fruit to others.

Let the Fruit of Kindness be a household fruit that fills your Life Bowl.  You never know what your kindness will do for someone that is prickly to you.  As you give away this fruit, it may begin to heal someone that desperately needed just a bit of kindness today.

ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX: There is a Bowl of Kindness

  • How can you show God’s kindness to your ex without letting him control you?
  • Reflect on Christ’s sacrifice as you face prickly people in your life
  • What one way can you show kindness to someone without getting anything in return?
  • Know that God’s Spirit will help you discern your acts of kindness

Next week: Goodness





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