ID-100393461I think Patience is like an orange. You want to eat this juicy fruit but it takes so long to peel and it’s messy. When you finally take each section into your mouth, the reward is great!

Galatians 5 says that Patience is part of the Fruit of the Spirit.  I struggle with placing that in my Life’s Bowl of Fruit. Reality strikes. Life’s issues takes Patience.  I vividly remember my dear friend would say, just you wait, it will come. Wait! Really? It was too hard. I wanted life’s problems, pain, and issues fixed instantly. There was other things I wanted to get done but I had to wait, wait, wait!

In this Bowl of Life is your fruit called Patience. Are you waiting and struggling with Patience? Maybe you are experiencing things such as:

  • Month by month trying to faithfully pay off bills and some debt incurred. Wouldn’t it be easier if money dropped from heaven?
  • Living unwanted choices your ex has left you with
  • You are tired and your kids cause you Mom Stress!
  • You hate your job and your resumes seem to be overlooked
  • You want to re-marry but why it is taking so long to find the right one to love you
  • A co-worker is driving you nuts and your grace is vanning thin
  • Court presiding’s continue to be drawn out
  • Feeling you will never be able to fulfill your dreams and goals
  • Hurting and you don’t want the process of healing
  • Wanting patience!!!

Another friend of mine uses this saying, I have one nerve left, and you are on it.

Be patient and trust the Lord. Don’t let it bother you when all goes well for those who do sinful things.  Don’t be angry or furious.  Anger can lead to sin. Psalm 37:7-8

Patience and Trust are like a pair of gloves. Slide them on and then hold each hand tightly together! With those hands hold onto this Fruit called Patience. You will need to dip into your Life Bowl of Patience for the Spirit to work in your life.

ID-10030247 (1)Life will go well for others. Don’t despair, have patience and trust the Lord. He won’t give up on you. Life won’t always go our way or it may take some time to have things become clearer with answers.  Because God is Patient, be encouraged to grab His fruit of patience with all life has handed you.

The Lord is merciful! He is kind and patient, and his love never fails! Psalm 103:8

ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX:  I see a box of yummy Oranges

  • Put on the gloves of Patience and Trust
  • In Your Life Bowl ask God to supply you with an abundance of Fruit called Patience
  • Knock Knock…..ORANGE YOU GLAD you waited!

Next week: The Fruit called Kind




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