The Belt of Truth

Fighting the good way will guide you and your kids to a better life. Separation and divorce seem to produce the ‘did you hear about…’ or ‘she said, he said’.  Broken love, vows, and family units can be tough enough without all the lies and poisonous words. Lies can be devastating. We can’t undo words.

It was a continual conscious effort on my part to keep from being malicious, mean, or revengeful.  It was painful enough to be left for someone else. What would it gain if I was mean? More pain, bitterness, and a negative effect on my children.

Putting on God’s Armour to fight our battles is the wisest move. The Apostle Paul knew what he was talking about.

Ephesians 6:14, Stand firm then, with the Belt of Truth buckled around your waist.

ID-100318205Ready? Stand Firm and grab the first piece of Armour!  The Belt of Truth

The website called described the importance of this belt. Certainly not a fancy piece of bling, but a very necessary piece of protection in fighting important battles in life.  It says,

The belt played a crucial role in the effectiveness of a soldier’s armor. It was the belt that held the scabbard, without which there would be no place to put a sword. In addition, the Nelson Study Bible says from the belt “hung strips of leather to protect the lower body.” The Matthew Henry Commentary says the belt “girds on [secures] all the other pieces of our armor.

My reactions on certain situations were based on the fact that Truth will always come out. It might take a while but it will at some point. I have prayed many a prayer that God will reveal Truth in time.  That didn’t mean I never defended myself, but it did mean I didn’t want to play the games of revenge or gossip nasty words. I could have announced on social media or gotten on the phone, but it was God who gave me His wisdom on how to deal with it.

Note: Social media can be such a dangerous tool in doing damage to people’s lives.  I have read some unwise and untruthful words in black and white and no one wins.

To be honest, what makes my blood boil and hurts to my very core is when someone lies about me that wasn’t even close to the truth; and they believed it! The Belt of Truth gave me courage to live a life of truth and integrity knowing God would reveal in His time the truth.  If I had taken things into my own hands, it would have been disaster.  If people asked, I told them the truth.  Others, I had to leave it and let God do His work.

About 12 years into my single motherhood journey, some truth came out.  I could never have orchestrated it this beautifully.  Some people choose to believe these lies.  I knew in my heart those who truly knew me knew the truth.  I had peace that God would deal with it.

ID-10097413I tried to build my life on God’s Beth of Truth. This piece of armour that held my weapon, God’s Word, protecting me from doing or saying things I shouldn’t have.  Sometimes I goofed, so I had to tighten my Belt.

Here is an example of a very real scenario I have heard about:

Person: I hear you are keeping your kids from their father.

Single Mom: I am sorry you heard this but glad you came to clarify.  No, I am not.  My child has had a heavy week at school with projects and he has been up late every night.  He wanted to stay home and chill so asked to switch weekends with my ex.  We are working on scheduling because I know it is important for our son.

The Belt of Truth will help not slam the ex and say, “that is just like my ex to say that”, or “I’m calling my lawyer”, or “my ex is so insensitive and selfish”.  Having Safe Friends that you can confide in will be the call you can make. Perhaps a simple email to your ex (if that is a positive way to communicate to him) saying you have heard this rumour, you are saddened, and hope this lie can be stopped.

I hear of many ex’s trying to destroy their ex-spouse to justify their own actions and look better for those around them.  Some are not able to communicate with their ex because any comment they make is turned into lies and broadcasted. It is not a win-win and I am so sorry if you experience this. Lawyers win. Why people can be so harmful is beyond me.

This kind of fight of ‘he said, she said’ and ‘let me tell you what he did’ to anyone and everyone will never be positive.  Bitterness and anger will leave little room to live a positive life.

Wearing your Belt of Truth will give freedom in your very soul. It is a vital part of wearing God’s Armour. It will help you to guard your words and your actions. Living a life based on God’s Truth will give courage to move ahead.

You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

If people want to tell lies, we cannot choose what they say, but WE CAN CHOOSE OUR WORDS AND OUR ACTIONS that personify TRUTH.  We don’t need to be stomped on and never defend ourselves but we can watch our attitudes and only speak words of truth…..God’s truth.

ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX: There is a belt for you just your size!

  • Believe that God’s Belt of Truth is the best belt to wear
  • Ask God to reveal His Truth in your life
  • When lies are told about you, have a positive action place to fight using God’s Belt of Truth
  • Know that ‘the Truth will set you free’.
  • Be careful of your words….you will then live a life of positive examples to your kids.


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