Living in 3-D: Dreams, Desires, and Dating

Dreams give us hope for our future. We need to dream. One of my favourite verses is,

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV), For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.

ID-100211335I didn’t find a million dollars in the mailbox, or get promoted to president of a company or live in a mansion by the ocean. God gave me a job so I could provide for my family. When downsizing in a company left me without a job, He supplied another and I rented a lovely little house by the lake.

God wants us to dream for our future. He knows you are more than the status quo. He gifted you with be the best mom, best employee, and best YOU!  Why not take some time to write out some dreams you have for your life and date it. Bathe it in prayer asking God what your next steps are. I am so glad I did that.  Not all have been fulfilled but I knew not to give up.

He also knows if one of your dreams is to start to date again then let Him dream with you.  Ask Him to direct in this big step.

God gives us the desires of our heart.  Psalm 37:4 (NIV), Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

God knows your desire to date. He knows if you are lonely and want a mate. I don’t just say this flippantly because I was desperately lonely and wanted someone to love me.  Running ahead would have been disastrous for me and I was glad He pulled the plug on some of those dates.

While you are in the waiting room, let God take your other life desires and help you begin to pursue those. I had never given any thought to ever being a writer but God slowly opened the door of opportunity. What desire do you have perking in your life? Ask God if He has prompted your heart.

God will guide in your dating.  My girls used to say to me that I had become such a strong woman as a single mom and they admired that.They said to never lose who I was. How wise!  First, I had no choice in this single motherhood!  Ha Secondly, I was forever grateful I had the chance to dream, fulfill some desires of my heart, and then know who I was before I started to date. Sadly, many women lose who they are just  to please a guy.

A man doesn’t define you, he doesn’t give you security, and he isn’t the answer to all your problems. He is a compliment who will encourage you in your dreams and desires as you date and into a future commitment.

ID-10076194 (1)This may be a great time to sit down with a steaming cup of hot coffee or tea, and let your mind begin to dream and process what your desires are. You may be very surprised! If dating is an option, you will be glad to know who you are which will help to determine if you are compatible.

As my girls used to say to me, don’t lose who you have become, you have come so far. Find out and get excited! Write a list of both crazy and attainable dreams. Add the desires of your heart to that list and then make a list of what you want in a man and keep the bar high.

Allow God to say to you, For I know the plans I have for you,… plans to give you a hope and a future.

ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX: I see 3-D glasses!

  • Do you believe you have dreams and desires?
  • Have you taken the time to list your dreams and desires?
  • Write out some positive qualities in a man before you start to date
  • Does your dreams and desires mesh with the man you are dating?
  • Remember God’s desire is to give you a hope and a future.

Next Week topic: Am I being punished?


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