Time For A Wagon Ride!

With the return of school, crazy schedules, and every other weekend visits with their dad, I cherished the time spent with my girls doing autumn activities.

DOC090215-0001One Saturday, we found ourselves riding a  hay wagon jammed packed with other families. There were moms and dad’s sitting with their own children squished in beside our little family of three. The three of us were a rockin’ team!

Face painting, fresh air, and a bumpy ride stitched our hearts together.  Our family was making special memories.

Life is what we make it. The Fall season is a wonderful time to build team spirit in those moments between heavy schedules and heavy hearts.

Psalm 96:12, and the fields to rejoice with all of their crops. Then every tree in the forest will sing joyful songs.

During these short weeks of autumn while enjoying God’s splashes of beautiful colours, I loved those moment engaging with my kids.

The crops are rejoicing and so are the trees. Let’s join them thanking God for Autumn!

This September, you might even find yourself on the back of a wagon! You won’t regret! Time with our kids is on your side!

ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX:  I see a wagon!

  • Look for fun fall activities. There might even be a wagon!
  • Ask your kids what they would enjoy trying this autumn.
  • Rejoice that you are a team making memories





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