Close Your Eyes and Scream Inside!

As your kids grow up, you will be dealing with challenges on your own. Many of mine were unforeseen for sure!

My oldest daughter, was a very sensitive and timid girl growing up. I am not sure what happened, but it seems to have flushed away with water.

DOC072915-0001When she was about 9 years old, we went camping with my brother’s family. They had talked about jumping off cliffs but I had no idea that while I was relaxing at the campsite, she was flying through the air. This picture is proof that she is alive to tell the story…and so am I!

I was very protective of my girls but they would say over-protective. They were my lambs God had entrusted me to look after.God gave me an adventurous child that I am sure started gray hairs to poke through my scalp.

The adventures didn’t stop at cliff jumping. It was bungee jumping from the highest point in IMG_0688Canada…200 Ft. I was there this time screaming inside!  I thought learning to croquet would have been a better option for her.

What do you do when you are scared down to the very souls of your boots for your kids? I didn’t like this part of my mommy job description. I thought it was to protect but I couldn’t when she was old enough to make her own choices. Believe me, I prayed for a calm spirit and all-around protection that I wouldn’t have a heart attack and I could hug her again!

Then, came skydiving. Like honestly, you’re killing me! Again, I was there to watch her and felt like laying prostrate on the ground praying for a safe landing. There is something very surreal as you stand watching your kid fall from the sky and knowing you have no control. I had to lean on Jesus and the bench!!!  It was one of many letting go moments and hard for this momma to do.

DSC05696It felt strange smiling on the outside cheering her on but inward screaming like a girl thinking it was crazy.  Again…croqueting would have been better!

God gave her an adventurous spirit which has carried her into her adulthood as she travels and faces new employment. I would never imagined this because her first years she was attached to my leg.

We are entrusted to do our best and train our kids. It was a learning curve for all three of us but especially for me in my journey of trusting God, the Great Shepherd, to lead and protect my kids. I screamed many times inside asking God for help. There are issues we cannot control but we know we can ask God to shepherd our lambs.

Isaiah 40:11, The Lord cares for his nation, just as shepherds care for their flocks.  He carries the lambs in his arms, while gently leading the mother sheep.

This mother sheep is grateful that God cares for His flocks and especially those that like to fall from the sky!  God showed me that having an adventurous daughter He could calm my nerves and spirit.

I tried to teach her croqueting…it was not a good bonding time.  Just ask her!  She will never croquet and even though I hope she never falls through the sky again, she is God’s lamb and that is good enough for me!

ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX:  Grab a rope and hold on!

  • What ‘falling through the sky’ situations are you facing with your kids?
  • Do you trust The Great Shepherd to protect and lead your lambs?
  • Have you tried croqueting?? Just kidding.
  • Claim Isaiah 40:11 as your raise your kids to be all they can be


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