Just when life reaches the limit, it is those wonderful surprises that come along to bring healing and extreme thankfulness!

God was good in providing for the girls and my needs. I had a job or two, a safe place to live, the girls had friends and life was routine. I tried not to be ungrateful. Yet, there were times looking outside my window of life when I saw families taking trips, purchasing a home, or driving a new car. My life was totally different.

As a kid, my family grew up camping. Our family of 5 squeezed into our little trailer and lived compact during our summer holidays. Those summers were special as we swam, sat by the campfire, and ate store-bought bread and canned food! (My mom made homemade bread and canned all our food)

I missed camping when I became a single mom and was thankful for times when I could visit my family on occasion while they were camping.

DOC072915-0001Then my parents purchased a newer trailer and asked if I would like to buy their old one for a song and pay them back in small increments.  What a wonderful surprise!

For me, it was a priceless treasure to have these weekend getaways with the girls. It meant biking by the lake, campfires with my family members, playing games in our trailer, and body surfing in the waves.  This was a place to heal. I was over the top thankful for God allowing this little spot to be ours.

Psalm 26:7, While gratefully singing about your wonders.

It was a place to feel the burden of stress fall off my shoulders as I entered the trailer park. It was 48 hours to unwind, have fun with the girls, and burn whatever I cooked on the BBQ.  I am not a good cook on the BBQ and one of my girls still to this day, loves burnt BBQ’d food. Sorry honey!DOC072915-0001

The wonderful surprise that consisted of 24 feet attached with a deck and BBQ helped and encouraged us. It was our safe haven during the months from May to October so when the winter months boxed us in, we could look out our window of life and be grateful.

God loves to give us wonderful surprises. It may not be a trailer, but it might be a holiday with friends, a gift in the mail, a special conversation with our kids or outdoor concerts in the park.  God will defend us and encourage us in our journey in whatever size it may be.

ID-100169204 OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX:  August has arrived!

  • As you look out your window of life, what are you grateful for?
  • Ask God for encouragement and a wonderful surprise
  • What can you do this August that will be an encouragement to you and your kids?





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