It is easy to think that if we are alone we are then being punished or something is wrong with us. You may even wonder, ‘what is wrong with me’?

However, as a single mom, if you are alone that doesn’t mean something is wrong or God is punishing you. Being alone right now can be a plus!

ID-10044157Weather is in our favour during the summer.  Grab a book, a lawn chair, a bike and enjoy some alone time. I have said this before, but I feel it is so important for our self-esteem.

Why not rent a movie, pop some popcorn and put your ten toes up. Enjoy your quietness and grab these minutes on the clock as something positive.

We have lost the art of being quiet and resting ALONE. I am not suggesting being a hermit or pushing people away. It is wonderful to be with family and friends. Doing so certainly helps in the healing process.

Sadly, there are single parents who become bitter and prickly. Their actions cause people to be pushed away leaving them alone because of their actions. I am not talking about that aloneness.

Jesus spent time alone. He need that time to communicate and spend time with His Heavenly Father.

Mark 1:35(CEV), Very early the next morning, Jesus got up and went to the place where he could be alone and pray.

Some things I learned by being alone was invaluable:

  1. I am actually fun to be with! Lol  I went bike riding,  walked and walked, went to the library and found interesting books and signed out DVD’s to borrow. I created a mini spa for myself with no interruptions, made pizzas with all my OWN toppings on it, read books, wrote out dreams and goals, and napped.
  2. I had time to really think positively during those alone times. I asked myself what I could do to grow as a woman, mom, friend, and positive marriage partner someday.
  3. Brushed up on my creative side. Took time to look at my home and inexpensively decorate or move furniture around. Websites such as Pinterest or books from the library are great for that! I used to freak the girls out when they arrived home!
  4. Learned who Linda was with my likes and dislikes. I had no husband to give his two cents worth, and my bank account was mine; though pitiful. I learned what movies I liked and invested in what I loved to do!
  5. Because I learned to be alone, I could then enjoy other people! I learned to be myself so I didn’t have to try and impress or be someone I wasn’t.  I enjoyed both worlds.
  6. One is a whole number. Someone told me this which helped me embrace the fact that I was ok in my single state. There are some people who don’t understand being alone is fine. They mean well but end up saying things that aren’t really helpful sometimes. Usually people who make those comments have a hard time being alone themselves and depend on people. Smile and know in your heart, you got this covered!

ID-100157137If you learn the positive art of being alone, then you are enjoying life. I know I say this a lot but I feel it is important.  As you take time to be alone, it will help you be healthy for your kids, a potential mate, and first and foremost health FOR YOU!

Being alone right now doesn’t have to be a curse but a blessing!  Check it out, I have a feeling you will find out you are fun to be with! The summer season is smack in the middle…you’ve got time to do some new adventures!

ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX! I see some time to be alone!

  • Are you ok to be alone? What steps can you take to enjoy it?
  • Plan one special evening to do something for you.
  • Understand that being alone sometimes is good!


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