In one moment, actually in one second, life can turn on a dime.  The words, ‘I don’t love you anymore; I have found my soul mate; or I have never been happy” seem to be a template for spouses who are exiting the relationship.

I often felt like I was living outside my body looking in wondering whose life was standing there that looked like me.  I couldn’t solve it, I couldn’t change it. I had to plow through it.

The hurt was overwhelming at times bringing a fountain of tears and pure exhaustion. Other days were liveable. I got so tired of the hurt and wanted it to stop!  Do you ever feel that way?

Understand what you are going through is normal.  This is the new normal for RIGHT NOW.  Please believe there is hope.  You are going to make it!

ID-100332093Connie Wetzell, one of the authors of “Live, Laugh, and Love Again” says,

Hurting is never a good feeling at the best of times.  We like to run from it like a Triathlete Marathon runner. It might seem a good thing to run but running away from hurt doesn’t solve anything except more frustration and possible hurt.  

Jonah, from the Old Testament pages, sure learned it the hard way.  It took him a few days in a Bed and Breakfast of the belly of a big fish to understand he needed to walk through pain not run from it. God was His guide and His comfort.

Many run to social events or begin to date trying to forget the previous love lost. Some live in a make-believe world by constantly watching TV, living through fictional books or become a workaholic hoping to keep the pain from our minds.  Many of those activities listed can be very enjoyable, but wrong when it becomes obsessive and over-takes our lives.

Dear ones, living in Reality may hurt but as you walk through the pain, it will be your greatest gift of healing.

When we hurt, there are always positive solutions. In my website article found on, there are some resources I used as I walked this journey.  You might find these very helpful as you move ahead.

Wouldn’t it be great, if we could push a button that says “No Hurt”!

100_3329As you walk through hurt, you will be able to stand tall, breathe deeper, and know that YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT! Instead of running away you can run into the Arms of Jesus knowing He will be beside you moving with full steam ahead.

You may be hurting but Joy will come! This is a new day!

Psalm 30:5, For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favour lasts a lifetime; weeping may stay for the night, but REJOICING COMES IN THE MORNING.

   ID-100169204 OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX: I see a new day

  • Pain is good to help us heal, no really!
  • Are you running right now from pain? Walk ahead just don’t run away
  • Live in Reality, you will be glad you did
  • What positive steps and resources can you take to help in your healing process?




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