Life Like Lazarus

The hot sun and cloudless skies can turn beautiful flower beds and green grass into a wasteland. Rain is welcomed during summertime to quench the thirsty ground.

The Single Mom journey needs times of quenching encouragement and refreshment too. Summer time often brings more time to sit and breathe. What a great time to grab a book to quench your spiritual soul.

May, I tell you about a book I just finished reading and its impact on my life? I had the privilege to help launch Joanne Weaver’s new book and DVD series called, Lazarus Awakening, Finding Your Place in the Heart of God.  This book was such a blessing to bring thirst in my spiritual journey.  Learning about Lazarus and the people in his life can help your thirst as you continue to heal and move ahead in your journey.

The story of Lazarus is short but packed full of life-changing sentences! Ordinary people experience0001-30756018d some extra-ordinary God moments because of their faith in the One that gives it freely. These ordinary people walked through tough and questionable times just as us.

Jesus not only cared for his dear friends; Mary, Martha and Lazarus, but He cares the same for us. As with Lazarus, Jesus helps us move out of our grave-clothes of hurt and betrayal, gives us perspective of the important things in life, and lets us know how much He loves us.  It is so easy to stay in our tomb of despondency and ask the ‘why’ questions. Yet God is waiting to help us release those grave-clothes and experience freedom. I saw a sneak peek of the DVD series as she walked in Israel where Lazarus and his people lived.  I may never walk in Israel but she helped set the stage.

Joanna gives us helpful hints through the story found in John 11:1-12:11 of ways to increase our faith and prayer life, release some strongholds that can bind us, and encourages us to anticipate living with Eternity in mind.  If you thirst for a Bible study, there is one at the back to work through as well.

When we feel dry and thirsty because of the many Single Mom responsibilities, here is what Joanna Weaver wrote in Chapter 10, page 169-170.  “The resurrected Lazarus surely saw life differently because he knew there was more to come. “  With this eternal perspective, we too can laugh as Lazarus.  We have hope!

Because pennies are tight, go to my Linda’s Library on this blog and find the link of her book to give you a bang for your buck!

Joanna has also given the opportunity to win this study in a box. Why not enter to win!

win books



As summer unfolds why not grab a glass of iced tea, pull up a chair with your ten toes up, and let the story of Lazarus bless your life. Let this be your summer to quench your thirsty soul!


ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX! I see a book and a glass of iced tea!

  • Read through the story of Lazarus. John 11:1-12:11
  • Imagine yourself at the scene when Lazarus walks out of the tomb. Amazing God!
  • God is there to help you remove your grave-clothes
  • Choose any book or study that will help you quench your thirsty soul this summer




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