The Many Faces of Us

ID-100106382Our face usually reveals how we are feeling inside. Processing a broken home can leave children’s emotions swirling in their mind trying to sort it out. Their facial expressions and actions play out in different ways.  As single mom’s, the feelings can be the same.

My girls had the privilege of going to an after school program that dealt with issues of loss in a family. During this weekly club, they talked about feelings, issues and ways to work through it. They gave them a magnet which pictured 30 expressive faces all showing different emotions.

I called the company to get permission to scan that magnet for this blog. They wouldn’t allow it, so I am improvising and found this picture.

When they are younger having pictures to match their feelings can really help.

Seeing a facial expression that they feel inside can help set a conversation in motion. Whether or not there is a solution, just taking the time to talk and listen to them will bring all of you closer emotionally. Your home will be a safe and secure place.

Summer time brings a different routine and change can be hard on kids. They may need day camps, park programs, and holidays with their dad. Taking the time to talk about all the schedules and different routines can help them settle into the summer with more of a happy face then one of anger.

Setting aside some time each week to check in on them might be a good policy before they set out on their next adventure. Allowing them to tell you what emotions they are feeling and not getting in trouble for it, gives them a platform to open up.  When they express a negative feeling, then you are both able to work through it with love. When they are happy or excited, do the happy dance with them!

Romans 12:15 (CEV) “When others are happy, be happy with them, and when they are sad, be sad.”

Many times I felt the same exact faces…and sometimes all in one day!  I continually brought my emotions to Jesus asking for His help and guidance. A broken home gives us a set of faces whether we want them or not. So why not take them and work toward a positive solution.

ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX:  Look at all those faces!

  • Engage in your child’s many faces and listen to their heart
  • Have fun making faces at each other and talk about the most confusing one they have right now
  • Be honest with them that you too are dealing with emotions just like them
  • Print off some face pictures on your fridge for them to use as a base of how they are feeling







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