My Red Checkered Picnic Blanket

Summer time brought sunny days and backpacks filled with juice boxes, peanut butter and jam sandwiches and my red checkered picnic blanket.

summer picnicsWe had moved from the basement winter picnics to grassy, ant-filled summer spreads. Summer invited us to create some family time on a red checkered blanket my aunt gave me as a teen. I wondered at the time why on earth she would give me such a gift. A gift it was indeed!  May days, we spread out our red magic carpet to spend a few moments laughing and talking while wiping the peanut butter or pizza sauce off our faces.

This picture, I believe, was the last time we sat together having a picnic because time brought changes.The girls became adults bringing college and new jobs taking them away.DSC02499

I am often hit by special memories of that red checkered picnic blanket and cellophane wrapped sandwiches. Goodness, it didn’t cost much. However, the checkered gift from my aunt those many years ago along with the precious gift spending time with my girls warms the heart as the sunny days of summer are upon us.

                                                     Ecclesiastes 3:1 (CEV)

Everything on earth
has its own time
and its own season.

Just as seasons change, so does family life. The season for picnics will be one of my favourite memories with the girls. It certainly wasn’t the exquisite menu, or having to yell at the pesky pigeons, but it was a confined spot on a red blanket where love radiated that will be forever etched in my heart.

ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX:  There is a picnic blanket ready for you!

  • Pack a backpack filled with a summer lunch and make a memory
  • Every season has a time to create some special time with your kids
  • Thank God for the seasons you have with your kids, and when they have left it will be a memory gift
  • Ants, pigeons, and a park are waiting for you!




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