Do What I Do and Do What I Say

The good ol’ saying “Don’t do what I do, but do as I say” is much easier to justify and explain than ‘do what I do’.

Last week, I shared how God kept telling Joshua and the Israelites to be Strong and Brave. He wanted them to be obedient by following His lead and with that, generations to come would hear the story again and again of God’s deliverance.

Joshua 4: 6-7, Someday your children will ask, ‘Why are these rocks here?” Then you can tell them how the water stopped flowing when the chest was being carried across the river.

As single moms, God wants us to be examples to our children.  That means all our decisions, our desires, and our dilemma’s need to be in tune with God.  Instead of telling the kids ‘do what I say’, you can also say ‘do what I do’.

Hard?  Absolutely!  Fulfilling?  You bet!  Not only for you, but for your kids.

My girls are adults now, living on own and making their own decisions. We love each other deeply and all three of us are thankful for the years we had alone together. There were times I failed as a Mother and the “if only” sometimes hit me. Isn’t it wonderful that God takes our mistakes and makes them into something beautiful if we ask Him to?

A couple of years ago, I asked them to contribute their thoughts growing up in a divorced home for a 10-article series I did for My hope was they could encourage kids of divorce and their moms.  These words below, quite honestly, brought tears to my eyes as they shared their perspective.

My heart’s desire was to put God first and make the girls my priority and though I goofed sometimes, God was our Tour Guide through life. I only share their words to be an encouragement for you to keep moving ahead to be an example for your children.  Believe me, they notice everything!

5129_99313546780_5530831_n[1]Although people might say that I didn’t have a normal childhood, I say I was blessed with the best life my mother could give us. Not many people can say that their mother is the strongest person they know and that their sister is their best friend. The best advice I can offer a single parent is from what I learned from my mother.

These are all things my mom did for my sister and me. I truly believe that I am a better person now because of all the hard work my mom did behind the scenes while I ran around being the 7-year-old kid I was supposed to be. There is no greater feeling than looking back over those years and being able to say, “Yes it was hard and hurtful but we are better for it.” Let God take this scary situation and make it a beautiful one.

Joshua had to remind the people (vs 21-24), ‘years from now your children will ask why these rocks are here.  Tell them, The Lord our God dried up the Jordan River so we could walk across.  He did the same thing here for us that he did for our people at the Red Sea, because he wants everyone on earth to know how powerful he is.  And he wants us to worship only him.’

Your kids will do what you do and do what you say so allow God to lead and guide you in this journey called The Single Mom Survival Success. It will be a wonderful heritage as they remember years from now, just as the Israelite’s, how God was powerful and lead your family along.

A fellow writer for, Julie Cosgrove, recently said in her devotional ‘Snakes and Stones’, No, faith doesn’t make us perfect parents; it makes us parents willing to be perfected, and that is a gift worth passing on to our kids.

Let’s give this gift to our kids!

ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX:  Look what God has done in the past and do as God says!

  • Communicate with your kids what God has done to help all of you
  • Ask God to help you do as He does and do what He says
  • The God of the Israelites is the same God today. Let Him be your Life Tour Guide
  • Joshua 4: 6 Someday your children will ask…and you can tell them!




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