Good Morning Coffee, Hello Monday!

The weekends seem to fly by and all too soon the alarm clock is buzzing saying “here we go again!”

May I encourage you, wherever you hang your hat, that God will see you through another week.  Each of you carry your own burdens, hefty cares, children responsibilities, and a weekly calendar scribbled with activities.

Many live for Fridays.  I get it. There were some weeks when I took a deep breath, hugged the kids, and prayed “Help me please”.

DOC052815-0001The Single Mom Journey is never routine.  There is constant upheaval, tears, changing schedules, homework deadlines, and after-school activities.  I usually took my night school homework sitting in the bleachers while watching the kids take their lessons.  Every moment of the day was important and….Friday was coming!

Take comfort and strength knowing that the All-Mighty God is walking beside you. He was with King David hiding for his life in a dark cave. He was giving courage to Queen Esther as she risked her own life standing before the King requesting him to save her people. The Apostle Paul knew God was with him while chained in a cold, dark prison cell because he shared the Good News of Jesus Christ.  God was with Linda (that’s me!!) as she drove an hour every day to work, held her sick kids, read to her children before bed, folded laundry, or took her night school exam.

Psalm 54:4, You will help me, Lord God, and keep me from falling

A new week is facing you because God has given it to you.  As the coffee dripID-10047743s into the craft, and the sun picks through the clouds, God is saying, Here we go again and I am here.  When Friday arrives, I can guarantee you that God  gave you His strength, His comfort, and His guidance.

Enjoy your coffee, let the Sun kiss your face as you walk to your car, and God’s Son warm your very soul!

See you next Monday!

 ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX:  Hummm…I smell the coffee!

  • A new week is here. Take a deep breath asking God for His guidance
  • Call upon Him to help you with the kids and every detail this week
  • When the Alarm goes off, let the first words be, Help me God!
  • Monday is here and Friday is coming. Ask God to use your time wisely.




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