ID-100149968This single mom journey had me experiencing many new chores.  Household duties my ex-husband took care of were now added to my plate of responsibilities. Oh goody!  Like I had time to squeeze it in!!!

I had to cut the grass and take care of the flower beds.  I was glad to see the snow disappear and place the snow shovel on a hook.  Replaced was a lawnmower, a gardening shovel, and a bag of Fertilizer.

It had been years since I had mowed a lawn and to add to the stress; it was electric.  I am not that coordinated at the best of times, and pretty much entertainment for the neighbours peeking out their windows.  I fought with that lawnmower cord all the time as I crossed the yard back and forth, up and down. The backyard was another adventure with three apple trees and a cherry tree!  Next, came planting the flowers.

As the summer progressed, I got into a routine and I was able to take control of the landscape.  I wasn’t electrocuted and the flower beds actually had flowers that grew!

The learning curve was knowing how to make things grow.  The important factor was fertilizing the grass and flowers.  If I wanted to make things grow well, that was the ticket.  Fertilizer is made up of animal and plant waste.  Not a pretty topic but so needed.

It occurred to me that was what my life was like. Just as our yards and flowers need fertilizer to succeed, I needed the fertilizer of life to grow in character.  You may be thinking you have had enough ‘fertilizer’ in your life saved up for years to come.  You say, ‘Enough.  I get it.’

Trials in our life make us stand at a crossroad choosing wise decisions.  Will we accept it and allow it to bloom in our character? I don’t like the fertilizer of life.  It can be stinky, and messy.  I find myself saying like David,

Psalm 13:2, How long must I wrestle with my thoughts and day after day have sorrow in my heart? How long will my enemy triumph over me?

None of us are exempt.  We are faced with issues on our own.  As the spring has arrived with the tasks of yard work, there are also decisions to face for you and your kids.  Will all the ‘fertilizer’ of life be used for positive growth and blooming?

plantingOver the years, I have tried some new gardening ideas which have not produced anything from the dirt.  I have learned from it and actually enjoy gardening now.  The same for my personal life. I have failed from some decisions and certainly didn’t see any positive ‘fruit’ from it.  I had to learn from it too.

Maybe you live in an apartment or condo and don’t have to struggle with yard work.  Your balcony may have a flower box, or your living room has plastic flowers.  Reality is we still have to deal with issues in our personal life.

As you walk past the gardening isle in the stores and see all the tools and fertilizers, remind yourself just as grass and flowers need fertilizer, we too have trials to help us to bloom and grow. It is our choice what we do with it.

David was tired of life’s pressures.  After he said his piece, he then focused on God, His love and care.

Psalm 13: 5-6, But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation.  I will sing the Lord’s praise, for he has been good to me.

ID-100169204Open Your Tool Box:  I see a bag of fertilizer and some gardening tools.

  • Appreciate that growing is a part of life.
  • Let your lawnmower and shovel be a reminder to rejoice that you will bloom!
  • When you are handed a bag called fertilizer of life what will you do with it?
  • Let God help you triumph, grow and bloom and thank Him for one wise choice you recently made
  • Get your kids to help you plant your flowers this summer and watch them grow together!
  • Buy a potted flower this summer for your table and watch it bloom as an reminder that you too can bloom brightly






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