The REST of the Story

How are those single mom pair of shoes holding out in your journey? Run off your feet most days?

Every now and again those shoes need to come off so you can put up those ten toes. Our??????????????????????????????? physical, emotional and spiritual bank need time to REST. It might seem next to impossible to get a spare minute and yet it is so important for your well-being and your kids. Our financial bank may be depleted but so can this bank account too!

Resting helps bring things into perspective. It may not solve anything but it gives a healthy pause.  When I took to rest, it helped me process life better.  I was able to be in a better frame of mine to parent and reduce a negative attitude.

DSC01744I am not one to sit still, and I had to make myself REST.  It was a time to read a good fiction book, have a bubble bath, go for a walk in my favourite park, meet a girlfriend for coffee, or sit on the beach and listen to the water.  Sometimes it was just sitting on my front step with a glass of iced tea watching people go about their lives. It meant hopping on my bike for an invigorating ride. Sometimes it meant letting the kids watch a movie while I took some time to sit still in another room. Our bodies can only do so much before it starts to scream those four letters…..REST! That alarm helps us more than we know.

Psalm 23:2, You let me rest in fields of green grass. You lead me to streams of peaceful water.

I often pictured myself sitting by a steam of water surrounded by the lush green grass. I printed off a picture I found on the internet that I felt looked like that place and kept it in my Bible. There were times in my life that I needed reprieve in small doses, while others times it meant a big chunk of time to get back on track.

Your story will continue. You will need REST in whatever creative ways that are best for you. When you can’t gain perspective and you feel exhausted, it is time to turn to a new page in your story and find ways to rest.  You might have 10 minutes or you might have a weekend while your kids are with their dad.  Treat yourself, refresh yourself, and REST.  It will do a world of good.

ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX: Put your shoes in there so you can rest for a bit

  • Schedule some time this week to REST!
  • Don’t feel guilty to have some fun and some relaxation times
  • Write down the positive benefits you had after you rested
  • Find another single mom and trade off babysitting so you each get some time alone to rest and feel rejuvenated
  • Put your ten toes up and breathe


…….And that, my dear ones, is the REST of the story for this week


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