Bundle Up for Fun!


Winter has hit many parts of our world with freezing rain, flooding, snow and cold temperatures. As I look out my window, I button my sweater to my neck and grab a cup of tea. Brrrr!

God created all seasons and I have the privilege of experiencing four different weather seasons per year. I have to be honest; winter is not my favourite season.  For those of you with sun hats and sunscreen good for you!

God sends snowy weather to my corner of the world, so we bundle up for fun! Today, I am going snow shoeing.

Psalm 74:17, You made summer and winter and gave them to the earth.

During the many sunless, winter months it felt like the walls were closing in on me. It was such a chore to not only get my winter gear on, but help the girls with their scarves, mitts, and snow pants. Now the task was to walk in this entire garb!  For some variety, exercise and fresh air, the girls and I would grab our toboggans and head to the hills. We found one hill that was very quiet during the early evenings near the local university.

So1931361_49013276780_4129_n[1]me one had creatively made a snow ramp at the bottom and off my girls went screaming and laughing.  Their words, “Oh mom, you should try it” should of ended with me saying, ‘No thank you”.  Other words like, ‘if only’ and ‘hindsight’ crossed by mind later. But, I thought I was a pretty cool mom so off I went flying at a high speed. All too soon, I found myself gilding up over the ramp and into the air. My wonderful, padded air-filled toboggan continued on without me while my head connected with the ground.

I could hear the girls laughing hilariously at the top of the hill but soon stopped when I lay there like a corpse.  Then their voices got louder as they came running toward me yelling “Are you ok?”  Thank goodness for my hard head.  That concluded our night of fresh air and family fun.

As I said, winter is not my favourite season. Give me shorts and sandals over fur-lined boots and yarn mittens.  However, winter can be fun with kids. Our adventures took us on horse-drawn sleigh rides, hot cocoa by an outside fire, building snowmen, and ice skating.

Maybe you feel the same way as me thinking it is easier to grab a blanket and turn on the TV.  I would encourage you to take the challenge during these frosty days and cooler temperatures to put on layers and enjoy the outdoors.

ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX: I see some winter gear in there

  • Ask your kids what they would like to do outside
  • Whether you are in warm sunshine or snowy weather, enjoy some fresh air with your kids. It really does help gain some perspective on life.  A change of pace is good even for a while.
  • Is there a new winter activity you would like to try (maybe wear a helmet! )
  • Thank God for the 4 seasons and remember… spring is coming!


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